Ty had what seemed like a seizure and passed away this morning despite The Cop’s and my efforts to revive him.

Say a little prayer or offer a thought to him.




Finally decided to visit the doctor yesterday. Bronchitis. Got some antibiotics and a narcotic cough suppressant. Woohoo!

I’d been working, even though from home and rather slowly, but the plan for today and tomorrow is to simply sleep as much as possible and just lie around.

Luckily, Ty seems to be in a sleepy mood, so here we are on the couch, him snoozing and me watching more of season 1 of “Heroes” on the iPhone. Or reading the second book in the “Twilight” series on the iPhone. Or blogging on the iPhone. Or sewing new curtains on the iPhone. Okay, not so much the last one. The iPhone IS really good for invalids, though.

Realized today that there are things I only eat when I am really sick (when I’m healthy I don’t have ’em at all), and when I am really sick, they’re all I want:

  • Peanut butter on toast
  • Orange juice
  • Campbell’s Vegetarian Vegetable soup
  • Okay. Back to “Heroes.” Did I mention how cool this show is?

    Okay, I’ll buy that

    Check out your blog’s personality type at Typealyzer.

    Is this lame? I don’t care. I’m sick. About all I’m good for is entering my URL into a text field and clicking “Typealyze.”

    Here’re my results:

    ISTP – The Mechanics

    The independent and problem-solving type. They are especially attuned to the demands of the moment and are masters of responding to challenges that arise spontaneously. They generally prefer to think things out for themselves and often avoid inter-personal conflicts.

    The Mechanics enjoy working together with other independent and highly skilled people and often seek fun and action both in their work and personal life. They enjoy adventure and risk such as driving race cars or working as marrying policemen.


    This morning, The Cop and I are driving up to Sedona, where we will meet My Gift. There’s a show of Buddhist relics that we’ll have a look at. I’m hoping there might be some shaktipat available…

    Maitreya Project


    May all beings have happiness and the causes of happiness;
    May all be free from sorrow and the causes of sorrow;
    May all never be separated from the sacred happiness which is sorrowless;
    And may all live in equanimity, without too much attachment and too much aversion,
    And live believing in the equality of all that lives.



    Pictures from this week

    Man and dog, crashed

    Man and dog, crashed (Director’s cut)

    What’s he eating?

    Something he carried off from the kitchen

    Heavy head on the coffee table

    What Karen needs

    I only approve of memes (and recipes!) if they are designed for slackers. Accordingly, the meme for today is “What You Need.”

    Type the phrase “[your given name] needs” into Google and click “Go.”


    Karen needs help.
    Karen needs feedback.
    Karen needs a lobotomy fund.
    Karen needs to get her ass off the ground.
    Karen needs to start carrying a flask.