Experimental Thursday

Thursday is fun and games day (I think you know who TOLD me I can experiment on Thursdays…). I did my usual practice and then some research. Before urdhva dhanurasana, I used the rack and lay over the ball while holding weights (Hello, coracoid process!). After UD, I did some weirdo dropbacks.

First off, arms overhead.

Then, arms overhead with my arms bound. (Kinda scary at first. “What if I need to bail?” I wondered, “My arms will be bound together…” But wait, the LAST thing I want to do is try to bail while dropping. I mean, what would I do, windmill my arms like a cartoon character to reverse the fall? Yeah, I’m probably better off with my arms safely bound!)

Next, arms overhead, bound, and on tiptoes. Here are some pics. It is VERY hard for me to coordinate (i.e., I was NOT coordinated). But I just had to try it, after all of our discussion. Did I feel like David Swenson? Maybe a little. Especially cool is the little flying sensation when your heels go up.




And finally, arms overhead, bound, in the red shoes.


Now I really need to learn how to do this so I can take a proper picture of a dropback in the red shoes. And some other shoes. Surely there’s an artsy portfolio opportunity. 🙂


12 Responses

  1. AHHHHHH!!!!!! Karen, I can’t breathe! you’re my HERO!!! I haven’t even read the post, I’m too excited. The show photo… oh wow. Um. I think you’re going to gain some new fans. Male fans!!

    But I think I’m in love with you too.
    This is going to keep me laughing inside all day. You rock.

  2. … ooops- SHOE photo. See, I was too excited.

  3. Oh my god, this is such a great idea. Shoe-asana fetish photography. There much be a flickr group already! I dare you to submit this!!!!!!!

    I could put on my Mooshoes and try ardha badha padma paschimottonasana… but only if we keep this for ashtangi bloggers only…. ;D

    LIZ! I know you must have some stylin’ vintage peeptoes somewhere! Will you do us the honor?

  4. oops, there MUST be a flickr group…

    I guess I was too excited, like Liz!

  5. Joy Suzanne, if i still had my apple red, vinyl go-go boots from the 70s (bought at a vintage store, worn a lot, then re-sold… boo!)- I’d put them on for some photos. I’m a dull fashion person right now. All I have to offer are flip flops.

  6. Well this gives you an excuse to do a little ebay shopping then!

  7. The combination of shoes and asana is *very* compelling! Seriously. I think I want black and white photos. Or maybe black and white with just the shoes colored. Maybe Carl can help me understand how to get nice black and white photos using a timer. And it has to be really easy, because I don’t know anything about cameras.

    Oh, and it is worth noting that it was kind of hard to balance in the shoes, and that I had to dropback really fast because otherwise I was going to chicken out.

    My practice doesn’t feel so traditional sometimes.

  8. Would you like for me to look up your camera’s manual and compose an enumerated instruction list for you? It should be pretty easy, though maybe I should volunteer to do the B&W conversion. Software that comes included with the p&s cameras will turn color photos into greyscale photos but I don’t think they’ll allow tones to be pushed around. Ansel Adams wouldn’t consider such shots unless he could filter them for most dramatic contrast and dynamic range.

  9. Karen, just had to come back to the photos for an evening giggle. So great. Soo sooo great.

  10. I didn’t believe Jesus in OM underpants could be topped.

    There goes another belief.

  11. Can’t wait too see the b&w photos! I’m going to do it, too. Maybe this weekend. heeeee, I love a project!

  12. Love the shoe photo. I would be terrified to even try hangbacks at the wall in high heeled shoes. You’re very brave!

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