Candy canes and teardrops (and the shoes!)

Owl calls it the “candy cane.” The upper back curl that you need for a nice dropback — or any backbend, I suppose.

I’m hoping the hands-overhead dropbacks start to crack open the candy cane. That, and draping myself over the rack and over a block, and perhaps a few rounds of viparita dandasana.

The curve is good when my arms are down, but as soon as they go up, zip!, the curve of my back straightens right out. As I lay over the block this morning, I could feel pulling in my shoulders — across the collarbones, actually, and in the little nubbin of the shoulders, more officially known as the coracoid process.

Oh coracoid process, how little I know about you. Well, except that the pecs, brachialis and short head of the biceps all connect there. Hmmm, let’s see. All the muscles that seem to inhibit my putting my arms overhead easily, or to reach my arms back in kapotasana.

We’re going to get to know each other, coracoid process. Yes, we are.


Okay, I’m liking the overhead dropbacks because my arms are always straight and strong when I hit the ground. (Yes, you get a nice, accurate perception of my dropbacks when I use phrases like “hit the ground.”) I am thrilled to be landing on strong straight arms, so I’m not going to feel too concerned about the crash aspect. At least not yet.

What I am feeling the past few mornings is some sensation in the vastus medialis. Fondly known as the “teardrop” to bodybuilders. It’s a knee extender and a muscle that I understand and trust. It’s feeling sore because of my coming up from dropbacks with turned-out feet. A no-no, I realize. (But Matthew Sweeney TOLD me I could! That’s my new excuse for everything.)

Yes, I am turning my feet out on the way back up from the dropback. So far, it feels like “training wheels.” If it starts to feel like more than that (i.e., like something I can’t keep incrementally moving away from), I’ll ditch it and forget about coming back up for now.



Oooh, I rarely come back into a post to add something, but I want to share the shoes.

So I was out and about on Saturday, and I spotted these shoes. Gah! I loved them. But I felt a little unsure. Pulled out the iPhone, took a picture, and texted My Gift to ask her opinion.

“They’re heinous. Step away from the shoes.”

Sigh. I was sad. But I stepped away.

Still, I kept thinking about them. Later that evening, on a whim, I pulled out the iPhone and showed the shoes to The Cop. He was surfing mountain biking sites, so I didn’t think I’d get much of a response. Plus, he’s not particularly interested in women’s shoes.

But he actually paused and looked at the picture, and said, “I like these!”

Okay, that did it. I went back and got the shoes. I ❤ them. There is some question (in The Cop’s mind) about whether they are too “dominatrix” for work. [Note to self: that last sentence ought to make for lots of hits on the stat counter.] I think not. I think they’ll be great with a black pencil skirt. I’m drooling a little as I write that.

Here’s my picture. And now you know what size shoe I wear. And that I shop in cheap stores. I could pull the shoes out of my closet and take a better picture, so now you also know that I’m kind of lazy. If you hate these shoes, don’t write a comment. I love them and don’t want to be swayed.

Next post: stilettos and spray-on stockings.



11 Responses

  1. These are GREAT shoes.

  2. I am laughing so hard… this post is hilarious. “But Matthew Sweeney TOLD me I could! ” ha ha ha!
    I have a combo reaction to the shoes: yes, they’re hideous, but good hideous! The red pulls me in, and knowing that they’ll be on your beautiful, thin legs makes me know they’ll look fantastic with a pencil skirt. AND, I’m always up for a little dominatrix look!
    A drop back video in the shoes? maybe? That counts as tip toes, right?

  3. “A drop back video in the shoes? maybe? That counts as tip toes, right?” hysterical!
    i think they are cute. i don’t think dominatrix at all. unless you also had a leather bustier and a whip.

  4. Love them!

  5. Those are some funky shoes!!! Me likey. And FWIW, tell The Cop that Europe is all about gladiator/dominatrix shoes lately.

  6. A high-heeled, open-toed… Oxford. Absolutely astonishing. If I hadn’t seen the photo with my own eyes I’d never have believed this. Do you have a navy-colored blazer to wear with them?

  7. (0v0 likes this.)

    I’d been feeling guilty about pushing the Danskos so hard a year or two ago. This is no time for clogs.

  8. True enough.

    The Danskos were my ONLY shoes for just over a year. I credit them with curing my plantar fasciitis, and making the current shoe lust not only possible, but comfortable.

    Just saw these and am kind of in love:

    And the zipper up the back!!

  9. OMG, please step away from shoes.

    FWIW, the whole “will I shorten my hamstrings with high heels?” thing definitely stops being an issue after a little while!

    I wear heels all the time lately.

  10. If my hamstrings are short and my quads are long, aren’t I in a perfect position to do dropbacks? LOL!

  11. I think those shoes are awesome!

    I am in a Dansko phase since I started teaching. Otherwise my feet hurt too much after a long day, whine, whine…

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