Vinyl sand dune

Yes, I’ve heard the advice over and over: “Go practice dropping back on the beach. Use a sand dune.” No beaches to speak of here in the desert. There are some man-made lakes and reservoirs, but they are surrounded by rocks and cacti, and I don’t want to drop back onto cacti.

Here’s what I got just before I got sick (see picture below). How hard was it for me to resist trying it out? Mentally, it was excruciating. Physically, I couldn’t get off the couch. So it was kind of a moot point.

This morning, though, out came the vinyl sand dune. It’s incredibly fun! I am mightily uncoordinated and there’s lots of yelling going on in my head (“Breathe, Karen! Breathe!”, “Breathe in going up!”, “Stay in your feet! Stay in your feet!”, “Woohoo!” — stuff like that), but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it.

The plan, obviously, is to keep moving lower and lower on the dune, and eventually I’ll be on the floor.

The dune was shipped just wrapped in plastic material, so its cushy wedge-ness was not hidden from the mailman. What does the mailman think, I wonder? I get packages like that, The Cop gets gear from a police tactical store, and My Gift recently had a shirt for the Renaissance Festival shipped to the house from a company called Tudor Dressing.

I wonder if he thinks we are a house full of armed Renaissance acrobats.


12 Responses

  1. oh wow. That’s fantastic!! Your initial drop back (the pause) is pretty darn good- farther back than I go!

    Love that wedge.
    I see tick tocks in your future.

  2. LOL! Yeah, tick tocks. I can already see myself on the vinyl sand dune wearing platform shoes to make THAT happen! 🙂

  3. Hey, cool toy. Where’d you get it?

    The vinyl sand dune and platform shoes image is spectacular!

  4. Goodness what a great idea! so much better than a wall.

  5. Amazon!

    Yes, it’s expensive (as The Cop dramatically noted by almost driving off the road when I told him!), but remember, I don’t pay shala fees. Plus, shipping is free!

  6. You have the BEST Toys! Soon as Isaw this I caught myself looking around the room thinking, now how can i make one of these. the “but i don’t pay Shala fees” is my excuse too. How does it feel on the wrists?

  7. Oh, it’s totally cushy on the wrists. When I ordered it, I was afraid it was going to turn out to be too hard or too soft. But it’s JUST right. 🙂

    It feels exactly like the matting on a gymnastics floor. A little bit of give, but stable.

  8. Fantastic!!!!!

  9. It looks more like a vinyl wedge than a sand dune. I was going to suggest that “sand dunes” rate a higher mark-up but then I found that the cheaper “gymnastic wedge” available on Amazon is $150 — $27 more than your sim-dune. There’s a $250 model, as well. But at least the wedges are fold-able into cubic blocks.

    The mailman may be into weirder stuff than what you’ve been getting delivered. But I don’t want to spread any rumors so I won’t speculate.

  10. Karen makes learning fun 🙂

    That would be so exciting for tocks, too.

  11. Armed renaissance acrobats…lol!.. that’s going to stay with me today..

    And that is a fine-looking dropback, woo-hoo! You’ll make rapid progress to the floor, I predict.

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