Slowly, slowly

Ugh. Still coughing. Everyone at work is treating me like I’m returning from a year in a sanitorium — I feel like a Thomas Mann character.

There is hope, though. Did half primary and the intermediate backbends this morning. Felt all ethereal and light — binds were easy, but I tired pretty easily. Still, it’s instructive to approach the practice with softness.

Savasana was marvelous. The magical learning process of physical-practice-then-be-still. It’s like having answers whispered in your ear.


3 Responses

  1. glad you are feeling better!

  2. But no one returns from the sanatorium, that’s just the thing! 😉

    I felt weak this morning, I think I may be coming down with a throat thing.

  3. Wishing you a speedy recovery! And Joy, that it doesn’t stick.

    I LOVE Thomas Mann and always had to resist wanting to be one of his characters, because I’m very attracted to them but they are all so very… decaying. And I have no desire to contract ‘consumption’!

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