The kapo machine & Bulldogs sit funny

Here are a couple pics of the kapo machine. The ropes are simply the lower ropes of a traditional Iyengar rope set up. The second picture shows the adjustable rubber exercise band with handles that’s tied to a drawer pull The Cop attached to the wall for me (he put up the ropes, too). I should be impressed that he’s willing to do stuff like that for me, shouldn’t I? I will also note that he never protests or looks at me weird when I ask for stuff like this, either.



And here’s proof that bulldogs sit funny.



8 Responses

  1. hi Karen
    i may have asked already, but did The Cop put blocking in the wall where the metal loops come out for the ropes? or are the loops drilled right into the wall stud? either one might work. a wing expansion flap behind gypsum board would not be sufficient support over time, in my opinion, but something drilled to a stud or to a backing piece of wood would be.

  2. oh, and Tyler is doing Janus Sirsasana A on the second side. he’s a good learner.

  3. Hi Arturo,

    The eyebolts are set into studs. At least that’s what The Cop says. Let’s hope he’s not playing a trick on me.. đŸ˜‰

    And yes, janu A! That’s hilarious! I didn’t notice ’til you pointed it out!

  4. Very nice setup! The drawer pulls look nice and sturdy, great idea.

  5. I’m telling you… you have a business idea!

    Tyler is SO CUTE. god. I can’t get enough. Now to your next post I go…

  6. That kapo machine is very impressive! I wish I had one.

    Tyler sits like my mom’s boxer!

  7. LOL, Rufus sits like that too. I thought it was because he was so fat, maybe it’s just a thing? Cuz Tyler is definitely not fat, LOL. He’s such a gorgeous dog!

  8. I think he sits like a cat !!

    Or maybe it is janu A… perhaps you could assist him by helping ground his right hip : )

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