Shoulder kinkiness

Oh yeah, that title ought to get me some web hits.

Sadly, perverts will come to this site and find out I have an ache in my right shoulder. Right at the bottom of the shoulderblade. “Am I injured?” I wondered. Yes, I’m a little paranoid about shoulders because of the rotator cuff tear.

What happens when people get rotator cuff tears? Is the “conventional wisdom” (I’m talking yoga-wisdom here, and specifically, Ashtanga-yoga-authorized-or-certified-teacher wisdom) to work through it? I really DO believe the practice helps us heal ourselves, but a rotator cuff’d be a tough healing project to throw at the practice.

Anyhow, no, it’s not my rotator cuff. I have an appointment with Candice of the Steel Thumb Order on Saturday, and I can ask her, “Hey, what muscle was that that just made me scream?”


9 Responses

  1. if you have time, i know a massage therpist in DC ; )

  2. Ooh, take Tova up on that if you can! I’m constantly reading her praises on the ashtangi web. 😉

    I hope it’s nothing serious!

  3. I think I know the pain you’re talking about. It was like someone was sticking me with a hot poker in the back right at that spot. It was worst in up dog, I think. Anyway it turns out that it was a referred pain from a tight neck muscle (basically a stiff neck). So that might be the case with yours too. Good luck.

  4. hi Karen
    he he he, how funny. i hope you do find out what is wrong and what you can do. aren’t you headed to DC? I think one of my first ashtanga teachers in Orlando, who was also the director of a busy shala, hurt himself and described it as a rototator or shoulder joint area problem. he modified his practice until it was healed and took a massage weekly. he is a very flexible guy, and probably hurt himself giving demonstrations, something he did almost daily for his classes.

  5. Actually, I’ve got a shoulder ache fetish, so this was right up my alley.

    thanks 😉

  6. Karen, I’m not crazy about shoulders 🙂 However, I do apologise. I need to use your post space to answer to “R”. Thank you for understanding.

    Regarding comment on Owl’s blog:
    “Dude, do I need to get all fuckin’ freaky again? Zee, back the fuck off. I’m fucking serious.
    Posted by: R • Jan 8, 08:19 PM • “

    R, I have no clue what’re you talking about but it looks like that Zee is not behaving according to your expectation. (Well, the “expectation” has always been a tricky thing.) But why “fucking” serious? Just say that you’re serious. You should know that there is a difference between us… I‘m not serious! So according to my basic feelings (even if I wanted) I am neither surprised nor disappointed. Anyway, thanks for the comment.

  7. Poor Karen, getting used and abused by Z……

  8. Sonya your comment is disgusting!!! I did apologise to her. And, I’ll not comment here any more.

    Karen is my buddy. I hope she will get better with her shoulder.

  9. 🙂

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