Burnt. Crispy.

I am really sore and really tired. Like the uncushioned, jangly tired of overtraining.

Except I’m not overtrained! I’m opening!

Really, my shoulders and upper back are all loose and very different than I’ve ever felt them. It’s kind of cool. Like all the muscles and bones and joints are more individually articulated.

Went in to the office at 8:30 yesterday, and came out at 6:30. Ran from meeting to meeting to project to project. It’s gonna be like that all week, as I try to wrap up projects and get all of my performance evaluations written before I take off for DC on the weekend.

So work is a contributor to the burnt sensation.

Also, I didn’t get much sleep last night. Haven’t been sleeping well.

I think this is all “normal” stuff for people practicing this part of intermediate.

Well, except the office stuff. Nothing about that in the palm leaves.


8 Responses

  1. Yup. The biggest problem with my yoga practice is my job.

  2. are you sure you’re not just suffering from hot pepper withdrawal?


  3. No! Don’t even talk to me about hot peppers. Oh, it was awful, Cody. I even thought to myself, during the painful practice, “Cody wouldn’t have eaten those peppers and onion rings. Cody is a smart man.”


  4. hi Karen
    i feel your pain. no, really. i’m a bit sore from UD practice.

  5. Ha! Definitely no on the onion rings but definitely yes on the hot peppers.

    mmmmm hot peppers!

  6. Garlicky hot peppers? πŸ˜‰

  7. I would take garlicky onion rings.
    Karen, I’m feeling the same thing- that crispy feeling of hard work. I haven’t done my 2nd series practice in awhile, so this past week has felt like boot camp. Going back to something expecting to have it be as I left off was foolish. No wonder I’m beat.

    You’re definitely at the crack-a-lacka part of 2nd. Ushtrasana, Laghu, Kapo… all that backbending, chest opening, upside down, pulling on the hips intensity. oye.

  8. I would take any onion rings…..mmmm, onion rings.

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