Hot peppers, Onion rings & “Opening”

This morning I messed up and got to the shala ten minutes early. Which meant a little time to think about how complicated it is to go to the shala before work. I have to make and pack breakfast and lunch, pack clothes and makeup, pack the yoga bag, etc.

Muscle Man was eight minutes late, which meant I sat in the parking lot for 18 minutes, thinking about all the good reasons to practice at home and complaining on Twitter.

But once I was in the Mysore room, I was happy to be there.

Well, kind of.

This morning was actually one of those practices where you want to quit, but just barely hang on, section by section. “Maybe I’ll just do standing.” “Maybe I’ll just do half-primary.” “Maybe I’ll just do primary.” “Maybe I’ll do the intermediate poses but skip dropbacks.” Blah blah.

I did the whole thing.

Why was it so miserable? Muscle Man made a little “well THAT was a lot of work!” noise after he adjusted me in marichyasana C.

“It’s the NFL’s fault,” I said.

He laughed.

But seriously, what was I thinking yesterday? Hot peppers at lunch, and then, in the evening, The Cop and I went to a local sports bar. Where it was astonishingly loud (Minnesota/Philadelphia game). People were yelling and jumping around and the joy and despair and noise made me think onion rings were a good idea.

Yeah. They’re not.

I felt like hell this morning.

But I soldiered through.

Ask me how much I dreaded pasasana. (Answer = a LOT.) Interestingly, Muscle Man helped me out and I ended up with a deep bind and an amazing twist that dug into my quadratus lumborum in a way I’ve never felt before.

Of course I had a rationalization once I got close to kapotasana (“maybe skip kapotasana today!”), but then I decided I really wanted to take the opportunity for the adjustment.

Muscle Man brought my hands to my toes, as per usual. We counted the five breaths, and then he said, “Hey, Hippie Chick, can you help me out over here?”

(“Fast!” I wanted to add. “If you’re gonna help, get over here fast!”)

She came over and Muscle Man asked her to push my elbows together and toward my feet. Which she did. HARD.

“Whoa! Whoa!” Muscle Man said.

I felt something in my left shoulder (the tight, once-had-a-rotator-cuff-tear side) dislocate relocate. It felt weird, but it didn’t really hurt.

I believe it was a classic opening.

With numb hands, to boot.

Now I’m at work and have the crispy nervous system feeling — a little headachey, like after a heavy session with weights or a long hike in the desert in summer.

I also have a salad for lunch (packed last night) that includes hot peppers. I’m definitely going to avoid eating them. I’ve had enough fun with pitta for the rest of 2009.


4 Responses

  1. hi Karen
    i’m wondering if YC and you practiced together in the shala and researched Kapo. i’m slowly getting back to practice. my weight is a bit up.

  2. You know what David Williams says about openings, LOL.

  3. Was it something like, “Karen, you’re an idiot”? Is that what DW says about openings? 🙂

  4. Nah, he just says we’re injuring ourselves and it’s going to come back to haunt us later, ha ha ha.

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