No led

No led class this morning. Meh.

I always feel conflicted about practicing on Saturdays, but I was going to go to led because Suzie C is in town, and tea after practice would be nice.

Maxine, however, had different plans for me. On Saturdays, The Cop gets home somewhere between 7 & 8 AM. The dogs have been up since somewhere around 5 AM, they’ve had breakfast, and they’re lounging around on the couch when he gets home.

When he goes to bed, Maxine goes into the bedroom to enjoy some lying-on-the-bed time (she doesn’t like to lie on the bed if I’m there). Ty stays with me.

When class time rolls around, Ty goes into his crate in the yoga room (yes, he has a crate for the bedroom and one for the yoga room — The Cop calls them “hangars” because they are freaking huge). Maxine carries on slumbering in the bedroom.

This morning, Maxine wanted to go sleep in the bedroom as per usual. And then she didn’t. She indicates her desire to come out of the bedroom by banging her big pitbull head against the door. The Cop, half-asleep, let her back out. She spent a little time with me, then went over to the door to bang her head on it. If she’s on a switching back and forth jag, it means lots of banging. So I have to hang around here to respond. And quickly, so The Cop can get his rest.

If it were Ty doing this, I’d be annoyed. But it’s Maxine, and she’s about a thousand years old in human years.

Perhaps she is just enforcing the officially prescribed Saturday rest day.

***SC, if you are reading this: apologies! I will see you at Mysore on Monday.***



2 Responses

  1. I read it–no worries! I assumed that you had other obligations with your daughter, The Cop, or the dogs. Class was very crowded this morning and there were a number of new people, keeping their New Year’s resolutions no doubt. I didn’t recognize anyone, although one woman smiled at me and said hi. Probably she is just friendly. JS did a straight primary, no extras, no embellishments. He took it slowly and skipped the last 3 poses. He went around and stood everyone up from backbends, even the new people. It was nice.
    My loathsome travel mat was so sweaty that I couldn’t do backbends (I did stand up with JS) so I stopped in the lobby and bought one of their grotesquely overpriced yoga nonslip towels. Talk about criminal props! See you Monday.


  2. awww! Sweet dog. I love reading about pets, (and obviously love writing about them). Older pets are a different kind of experience- my two elderly kitties (now gone) really gave me a deeper understanding of patience, compassion, and acceptance of the end of life.

    That was heavier than intended.

    I need a video of Maxine banging her head!

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