We’re Italian

Here’s a Christmas Eve video. First, a shot of the KitchenAid mixer, then pan to a hungry beast. Into the frame, a strand of freshly-made pasta. The sound of his smacking bulldog lips is hilarious. And a final pan to the pasta I made to bring to my parents’ house tonight.

Avant-garde cinema at its finest. Perhaps Patrick will deconstruct it for us. πŸ™‚

I also think it’s worth noting Tyler’s restraint. He knew he was getting food, but he stayed quite calm. This week, he passed his Beginner I obedience course. Next up, Beginner II, which is the start of his training for the Canine Good Citizen test. He’s remarkably focused for a 6 month old pup. I think it’s because he does yoga every morning. Well, mostly he sleeps through yoga, but still…


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  1. I used the KitchenAid mixer yesterday to make the pasta (and the cookies); I bought it on your recommendation. Good tool. Merry Christmas.

  2. That’s an adorable puppy!! Merry Christmas πŸ™‚

  3. Karen –
    I’m in town from Mpls. Going to Starbucks for mysore tomorrow. Any chance I will see you ther? It would be fun to actually, really meet and talk in person. Thanks for sharing the dog stories and backbend research.

  4. Hi Carol! I will be there tomorrow. Lauren Cahn (Yoga Chickie blog) is in town and I am going to pick her up and give her a ride over. We should be there around 6:45. If you have time after practice, perhaps we can grab some coffee or tea?

  5. hi Karen
    he’s so cute, observing you with his eyes.
    happy holidays

  6. Avant-garde film, eh? Well, if it was….

    *Surrealist: the dog would be the unconscious drives, and the pasta would be western civilization’s repression.

    *a Maya Deren film: both the dog and the pasta would represent different layers of Deren.

    *a Stan Brakhage film: there would be scratching on the images and everything would be obscured by paint.

    *a Kenneth Anger film: the dog is Kali and the pasta is phallic.

    *a Guy Maddin film: the pasta would be hockey sticks and the dog would be wearing a fedora. Everything would be black and white with vaselined lenses for soft focus.

    BTW, thanks Karen, for the goodies; you rule.

  7. πŸ™‚ Happy holidays to you, too, Arturo!

    Patrick, I was going to make a “Macaronis of the Afternoon” crack when I first posted this. Thanks for mentioning MD. LOL!

    Happy you liked what Santa brought you. I had coffee this morning with Carol from Minneapolis. She was at the last day of the Sweeney workshop. We reminisced about MS.

  8. Have you seen that MS has now laid down some standards for the spread of the Chandra and Simha kramas?

    Hah! Macaronis of the afternoon would have been FABULOUS. It still is, in fact. I’m teaching that film (actually a whole avant-garde film course) this spring.

  9. I love it!
    Thanks for the video- and yes, it was very avant-guard- I like Patrick’s analysis!
    Hilarious to watch a dog eat a thin strand of pasta, chomp chomp! smack smack!

    Looks like you did up the holidays right! Hope you had a wonderful time.

  10. He’s so cute. And so BIG! Yum yum, fresh pasta. How much do you LOVE your Kitchenaid mixer? I bought the ice cream maker attachment. Awesome…..

  11. Oh god Tyler.

    My mom has had that mixer since before I was born. Uses it SO MUCH. I really love and associate it with my first RAW FOOD cuisine: sugar cookie dough, buttermilk-bran muffin batter, Crisco-based pie crust. Looks like Ty also appreciates raw food!!!

    P.S. new regulations for the new sequences? Seems wise. Where do I find out about them?

  12. Owl, that is my kind of raw food diet.

  13. Here’s some info on the Sweeney sequences:

    LOL! Owl and Liz need to collaborate on a raw food cookbook. Perhaps Patrick can make a film version that Tyler stars in (as the taste-tester), “Un Chien Arizonan.”

  14. How long is Lauren going to be in town? I would love to meet her!

  15. She’s heading out on Wednesday, Susan. You come in on the 1st?

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