This video is too good to miss.


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  1. AHHH!!! I’m going to have to watch this many times. (love the soundtrack, by the way)- sooooo funny and so cute. My man lets his dog lick him on the lips too… something I used to be really grossed out but, but now that I’m close to the dog too, I admit there is a little lip licking (I have to remember not to laugh or the lick gets a little too intimate). I think the most endearing part is when Tyler just can’t get close enough and has to hoist his rump up on the Cop’s chest! Gaw!! Adorable.

  2. The music was actually the closing music for the movie “Rescue Dawn,” which is a really extraordinary movie that just kind of tears you apart (directed by Werner Herzog and starring Christian Bale). I think perhaps Tyler was trying to cheer us up after the movie… 🙂

  3. OMG they need to get a room!!!

  4. True love! Thanks for posting this – made my day!

  5. He’s pretty much 100% good cop, huh?

    But then so are you. Raising Tyler in a good cop/ good cop household seems to be working out fine though.

  6. This is so cute. Is the sitting on and licking behavior dominant though? I was always told not to let dogs climb on you like that, and not to allow obsessive licking of people. I’m taking away from the adorableness of the video. The Cop and Tyler are both so gorgeous!

  7. Ouch! Tyler has to learn to watch where he steps!

    I love dogs but I can’t abide the licking. Not even if it’s limited to my foot or my hand or whatever. I went to pick up a girl for a date one time and as we sat on her sofa she allowed her little dog to lick her face and lips and she even licked back. Blech. Some minutes later she wanted me to kiss her and I had to find a way to extricate myself from the situation. My approach to problem-solving is usually slow and deliberate so when I have to quickly confront new problems like this that I’ve never witnessed before — like this one — I’m not very graceful at it. But lack of finesse wasn’t so important because that was the last time I saw that girl. Blech, blech, blech.

    I’m sure Tyler is lots of fun in other ways!

  8. Haha! You crack me up, Carl. You know, the trainer said something I have found to be true: dogs learn what people want of them, even if they live with different people who want different things. They’ll behave one way with one person and another way with the other.

    Tyler licks The Cop’s face, but he does not lick mine. I don’t actively hate a dog kiss every now and then, but I don’t love it the way The Cop does (and it’s worth noting, I suppose, that The Cop is actually a much more fastidious person than I am). Still, he’s a more liberal dog-kisser.

    Anyhow, Ty kisses The Cop, but just cuddles with me.

  9. S,

    I will look up more about the licking being dominant behavior. I’ve never heard of that.

    We let him sit up like that when he’s on laps — he’s not allowed to posture up over us otherwise (like when we’re playing, etc.). I’ll ask the trainer if she thinks it’s a bad habit, though. Interesting question!

  10. It’s so tough to know where to draw the line because sometimes the behavior is so cute you just can’t resist. I can tell the difference between one of the boys climbing into my lap for a cuddle and climbing on top of me to assert something over me. That’s not allowed. And no ‘obsessive’ licking, but a little doggie kiss or two never hurt anyone. Also, interesting that he licks The Cop (probably seen as the ‘pack leader’ or alpha male in the house) but not you. Probably nothing to get hysterical about but certainly something to keep an eye on. I would like to hear what the trainer has to say also.

    Carl, you are truly a cat person. I think that’s the defining difference between cat and dog people… people are grossed out by the licking, LOL. I can’t blame them.

  11. I’m a keen observer of the aggressive/dominant behavior (in both dogs and humans). I’m pretty comfortable with that behavior as simple loving and not dominance.

  12. “Practitioner”?

    Oh, no, I see. You said “observer.”


  13. LOL.

    Maybe not aggressive, more like assertive?

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