Nice extended weekend. Every weekend should be four days long. Actually, just figured out how to use a few well-placed vacation days and the upcoming holidays to ensure that I have NO five day workweeks this month. It’ll be three 4-day weeks, one 3-day week, and one 2-day week. Ahhhhhh.


Today I figured out how to combine dog training and house cleaning. Usually sweeping or dust mopping involves Tyler swooping in and attacking the broom or dust mop. Hmmmm. How to solve for this? I tucked some dog treats into the waistband of my yoga pants (no pockets!) and grabbed the broom. I called him to me, told him to “sit!” and gave him a treat when he complied. “Stay!” I said, putting my hand in front of his face to get the idea across. He looked at my waistband and played along.

I managed to sweep about 25% of the room before Tyler, overcome with excitement about the broom, came bounding over. Okay, so another “sit” command, another treat, another “stay!” And another 25% of the room swept. This went on through the whole house. Another triumph for behaviorism.

Here’s a picture of the lap dog.



7 Responses

  1. He is huge now! Look how big his head is!

  2. Oh, you are good! He’s bigger than you are already!

  3. Is it just the perspective or is his head really bigger than yours?

  4. He IS huge… or you are teeny tiny. I imagine there’s a bit of both going on!
    So cute!!
    I remember reading about some crazy “invention” of pads that one was supposed to put on his or her cat’s feet to help dust as the cat ran around… maybe you could figure out some doggy booties for Tyler and he can do the sweeping/dusting/mopping for you! You design them, I will sew them.

  5. His head is pretty much the same size as mine. So a little perspective at play there, Carl. Still, when he sita on my lap, I’m pretty well pinned down.

    Okay, Liz, I’ll see if I can think of Tyler as a cleaning accessory. LOL! I’ll let you know what I come up with!

  6. hi Karen
    that is a sweet picture.

  7. Of course he’ll always want t sit on your lap, even when he weighs as much as you do.

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