Reading about observational realism — the pursuit of likeness. Meh. Not my favorite thing. Not enough recognition of the air quotes it needs.

Still, it’s like looking at a still life. Soothing and seemingly solid. Still.


“there is equality among you and all beings when separated from prakrti, owing to having one form as consciousness” (Ramanuja)


Charles Bernstein’s blog. Some good art (LOVE the Joan Mitchell painting!), and some good audio of poets reading.


Led class with Muscleman on Saturday. I have no idea what the deal was, but it was about a thousand degrees in the room. He went over and messed around with the thermometer a few times — perhaps it was broken.

Zipped through primary and headed into second. He’d left me alone through primary, but came by to give an extra crank on both sides of pasasana, then a serious cranking on both sides of eka pada sirsasana.

“Huh,” I thought. “I’d be moving a lot faster if I had a teacher crank me into this every morning.” Followed by: “I don’t know if I want that.”

Surprising thought.


4 Responses

  1. how are the bedhangs going? I LOVE them with my 10 pound weights. The armpits are just OPENING!!! And the backs of my shoulders are allowing it more and more…

  2. Quite liking the bedhangs! Of course, I had to solve for the fact that I sleep on a futon on a low platform. And that The Cop and Old Dog are asleep during hang time, and probably not enthusiastic about me and Young Dog conducting yoga class on the bed as they sleep.

    I’ll post a picture of my jerry-rigged setu bandhasana bench, prepared for armpit opening. Also gonna go get some ankle weights I can strap around my wrists. I tried holding sandbags, but that turned into too much of a wrestling match.

  3. Hi Karen
    Ha! It sounds like you did ashtanga in a Bikrams room.

  4. Hi Karen ,
    Scott here. Started up a Mysore practice out of my newly renovated Yoga room last month. I was missing my mysore practice, and refuse to pay to go to At One (If Dave is not there) I like John and Gabriel, but Dave is my guru.
    We practice Mon thru Thurs. 5:30am – 7:30am. Right now it is mostly Sam and I. Occasionally a few of my students will drop in. I am putting the word out to all of the old group to see if anyone is interested in practicing as a group. I always enjoy the energy of a group. No $ is involved for all of the old group. It is not about that. Newbys can leave donation if they want. Feel free to drop in anytime, and spread the word. More info at my website
    namaste, Scott

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