Language envy and Hangbacks

One of my friends had a baby in mid-July. She lives in Seattle, so I’ve only seen her daughter via photos on her blog. The other day, though, there was a video!

Little KP is starting to make “hey, I want to talk!” noises. Very cute. And very interesting to Ty, who tries to figure out where the sound is coming from. He’ll look at the screen, under the computer, and in your hands as it plays. Best of all, though, is his Canine Head Tip of WTF, which is pretty much my favorite dog thing in the world.


Yesterday was led class. Sanskrit Scholar did the honors, as Muscleman was out of town for a friend’s wedding. The British Director was present, so she, Sanskrit Scholar and I went out for tea after practice. Nice. It’s been a while since we all got together.

Practice felt good. Apparently I am back to a home practice with one led class per week mode. Fine by me. I turned the heat on in the house in preparation for practice on Thursday. First time this year. And yes, I am a baby — the temperature in the house was 70, and I wanted it at at least 76. Also ordered some more thermal shirts to wear during practice.

Anyhow, yesterday the heat was compliments of the studio and my fellow practitioners. Everything felt a little tighter than it does in summer, but not bad. At the end of primary, SS said we could all help each other with dropbacks. Seeing as I am not trusting about that sort of thing, I opted to just do hangbacks. And I’m happy I did. They were great. Finally there seems to be some kind of significant coordination between psoas and abs and bend.

I have no idea what it’s all about, but it feels nice to hang out in hangbacks.


8 Responses

  1. Tyler is absolutely adorable. And growing so fast!!! I love big dogs.

  2. Hi Karen
    That’s really cute. Thanks for sharing. We have a Muscleman in our shala too.

  3. I almost couldn’t stand watching that video. It was “hurt me with cute”- I mean, really, it can’t get much cuter. I’m so glad you captured it. I love watching animals, it’s always joyful.
    And… where are the pics of the Cop doing pull ups!? ha ha ha!

  4. Haha.. he is lovely..

    Psoas is a major player in backbends. I think locating it is usually half the battle. Glad you are having hangback joy! Sorry I’m behind and missed your birthday.. here’s wishing you a happy rest of the year.

  5. That dog is absolutely gorgeous. Seriously, his face is so intelligent! And how cute is the part with him kissing The Cop. The Cop is hot!!! And I haven’t even seen him do pullups!

  6. This is ridiculous. The head tilt but also the funny way he puffs his chest and pads the sofa. And his ears get emotions in them!

    Criminy. I did not expect a bulldog to be this great.

  7. His ears get emotions in them! Fantastic. He’s soooo cute, Karen! My mom has a boxer and Tyler reminds me a lot of him.

    (Your cop is dreamy)

  8. Tyler is wonderful and I now think of you every time I see a bulldog! There’s a lot of them here in NYC.

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