I found my birthday present to myself!

Was thinking I’d buy a Kindle. Borrowed one we have at work to try it out, and felt like meh, it’s okay. Not enough love to really feel compelled. And most of the books I’d want to buy for it aren’t offered in Kindle format.

So, as is often the case, I stumbled upon what I really wanted once I’d stopped looking for it.


2 Responses

  1. Dear Bloggers,

    We all have a certain abstract direction that we follow with great determination. All of us, according to our specific energetic pattern participate in the same shift of consciousness. In our practice choices appear as a consequence of our own (mis) understanding of things “as they are”. Looking closely, we see that our (mis) understanding is the result of (losing) our direction. And, we are (losing or following) our direction by imposing our choices over it. So, it is a vicious circle.

    I have no choice but to stop visiting the blog-world for an undefined period of time. The “short kick” pointed to me a new, more playful, path. Before I depart, let me open myself to show you about the things I collected about myself in this three-week period:

    1. Bad “time” management. My “sense of time” is a tricky thing so I need to work on improving “timing”, especially “how to stop things”.
    2. Attachment to some of you. I admit, my energetic constitution is drawn to Linda, Anna, Angela and Cody. In order to be “free” of everything all my future endeavours will be shifted to Susan.
    3. I am too nice to you guys, especially in “reality”. So far, I was intentionally predictable meaning “the same place – the same time”. From today, this will be changed, the “reality” meetings will be much harder and more “dangerous” for you. I encourage you to do the same for me.
    4. I’m exactly half a way of my abilities. “Seeing” is improved but hidden “pride” is lurking, almost unnoticeable. However I did catch a glimpse of it. This is a real danger for me, so I must go to the “recap-cave” again.
    5. I’ll learn English language.

    On the other hand, these are the things I noticed about you:

    1. You are too dependable and there are too many interactions that are coupled to the external support. Carl and Patrick please pay attention to this. All of you (exception: Susan, Laxmi and Joy) are dependent on each other. Please find a way to correct these things. (if you find it useful).
    2. You are too impatient. Please stop “wanting” something to happen. Rather “allow” something to happen. Patience and clear knowing of what we are waiting for… and all is coming.
    3. Superficiality! Not only me, you are also too nice to each other. Your blogs have lost the substance because of habit-like-comments. The attention is “what is given right where you are in the exact moment regardless of other places and times”. So please, force each other for more attention. (Or stop writing the blogs because it became the superficial thing).
    4. Undesirable sense of “belonging to the established community” which is not based on your own capabilities but it is the source of your dependability. You have the sense of immortality and that sense is still early to be established. There is a practice given to Liz and it is applicable for everyone here (especially for Angela and Patrick). It is not a must practice but please understand that we are not immortal yet. Only when mind is dead we can actually talk about it. (at least this is how I see the “spirituality”.)

    I’m leaving now but I’ll come back. Until then, Susan and Angela should work more closely for the benefit of all.

  2. Hi Karen
    There will be a new version of the Kindle coming out soon, so I would wait until it does.

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