Autumn Slacking

Blog slacking, but no time for any other kind of slacking. Work and real life have been super busy.

Just got back from the Learning 2008 conference in Orlando. I love these learning technology conferences, and always come back with a million new ideas. This year, I am dying to design a really solid needs assessment instrument (enthralling notion, yes?). LOL! I know, it’s geeky. I attended a session on current thinking in qualitative research design and it’s got me all hyped up.

One deeeeeelightful surprise in Orlando was practice. Yes, plain old hotel room practice. It was marvelous. It was incredibly physically pleasant (very unusual after air travel), and even more surprisingly, it was effortlessly mindful and cheery. Quite honestly, 99.8% of my hotel practices have been studies in just-doing-it. But this time, they were actually exceptionally pleasing.

No idea why. But I’ll take it.


Practicing meant getting up at 4:30 AM in Florida, which is (and I was careful not to think about it too much) 1:30 AM Phoenix time. Ouch.

On the day I flew home, I got up at 1:30 AM (AZ time) practiced, attended the last day of conference, made my way to the airport, and got myself home. The Cop picked me up at the airport, which was lovely. Particularly since he was in uniform (I love the uniform!). Not in his squad car, though, even though I requested it (also requested he have the lights and siren going, but he nixed that). Anyhow, by the time I walked into the house, it was 8:30 PM. In other words, I’d been awake for 19 hours. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not good at staying up past my bed time. I can stay awake for 17 hours, but push me a minute past that, and I am very unhappy.

All I wanted was to fall into bed.

But then I opened the door to the house, thinking about poor Tyler, who was being transitioned to a new food and suffering a bit, according to The Cop, in terms of… um, loose outputs.

Oh my God. The stink when I opened the door to the house!

I knew whatever had happened was bad. Thank goodness Ty was confined to his crate. I walked into the bedroom, to be greated by a poo-covered (and I mean covered), excitedly wiggling puppy.

There was no option but to open the door of the crate.

Of course, he jumped all over me.

Hmmmm, I wondered for a moment. Is there any way I can just ignore all of this ’til tomorrow and just go to sleep? Uh, no.

So it was poo dog bath time, followed by more projectile pooping (in the back yard, thank goodness), and a night of disturbed sleep as the little fellow rolled around in his crate and made occasional requests to go outside again.


Yesterday at work, I tried to keep up with what was going on, catch up on things that’d fallen behind while I was away, and refine some of my notes from conference. All while feeling like a zombie.

Today will be more work madness.

At least Tyler is feeling better. Poor guy.

Bring on the weekend!


10 Responses

  1. Oh no, poor Tyler!!!!!! Ick, not a fun present to come home to. But he was so happy to see you!

  2. What a funny, funny story… beginning with the Cop in his uniform (I love that too), and how you wanted the squad car!! Excellent!! Poor Tyler, and poor you. I bet he was sooo excited to see you. It’s sweet, even when it’s gross. Hope he adjusts to the new food soon.
    I’m very impressed with your practice dedication. No WAY would I have done what you did in Florida.

  3. You crack me up. I love the way you tell this totally disgusting story. 🙂

    Welcome home.

    More about the latest in qualitative methods? I don’t know if I’ve told you that I’m versed in stats and survey research design but have gotten bored with those methods and WAY more interested in qualitative research. But have much to learn in this area…

  4. hi Karen
    your Tyler story reminds me of a sermon at a unity church, where the minister talked about how a 4 year old kid wanted to be nice to his mom, so he went to the kitchen and started preparing batter for cookies – finding flour, eggs, milk. being pint sized, he ended spilling things over everywhere and himself. when the mom found him, she still embraced him in all his goey mess because of her love. Tyler is a gooey mess in his poo, but he’s happy to see you, and you him.
    cheers, Arturo

  5. Hey, you guys! Nice to be back in the cybershala.

    Owl, of course you like qualitative research. It’s part of your mavericky ways. And when you deliver your qualitative research, make sure you wink at your audience and call them “my friends.” 😉

    LOL! Arturo, you’re right. He was a gooey mess but happy to see me, and I him. In a way, I guess we’re all gooey messes — good thing we’re pretty much always happy to see each other.

  6. Since we’ve all been out in our respective dung-floored sheds practicing the primary series this morning, perhaps our exuberant welcome-homes to you aren’t all that different from Tyler’s. At least you can choose to put us off til morning though.

    This whole election completely messes with my scholarly identity as the frontierswoman maverick. Also, I’ve had to change my glasses AND my hair. Bother.

  7. Lol – that was funny, Owl. Hi Karen! Ugh, what a thing to come home to… I imagine you handling it with calm and laughter. This is where practice really pays off!

  8. Calm, yes. Laughter? Not so much. 🙂

  9. “Calm, yes. Laughter? Not so much.”

    Why? Let me give you something to laugh about…

    My Dear Teacher El See Door;

    What you have seen (well when you opened your door) is just the beginning. What you will see now, it will be the end. It went like this:

    Step one: Email to Mr. C. (or his brother in law Kev)
    Step two: Email to Elisabeth Taylor, just to inform her about the step one. (Btw, have you noticed that her hair is now black, classy woman I would say, black lather jacket… cool, no?
    Step three: Observation… noticed weak spot, in the form of “reverse psychology”
    Step four: Explored the weak spot (sent detailed explanation of some practice to Kev – the brother)
    Step five: Observation… received: “too intense for a woman?” (ah how is that called? No clue but I don’t like it)
    Step six: Slamed that hidden “pride” … ruthlesly.
    Step seven: Observation… received more and still more of similar kind… culminated on the end
    Step eight: Tyler shit all over the floor.
    Step nine: Played conservatism theories… Oh, noticed that Princess like it, probably Anchi too (heeey Princess it is not too far from truth). But someone did not like it.

    And that brings us to the last step…
    Step ten… A little qute mis Serendipity exploded!!! Aha, last night. Without reason. Do you see mis Serendipidity? you have been “contacted” without one single word, nothing to worry about.

    The third episode of the popular series “From the troll to the saint, in fifty comments” has just been finished. Back.. back to the cave.

  10. PS.
    missed most important thing!

    Between steps six and seven… received bunch of emanations of the matter si 12 🙂 and they told me about Elisabeth. Until then I did believe that Mis. Taylor was you my dear Teacher. Oh how silly…

    51% 😉

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