Disappointment, evolution, nemesis

Got to the shala this morning at 7, only to find a locked door.


Indication that the Mysore program will be phased out (again)? I’m hoping it’s just that Muscle Man couldn’t make it, and they had to cancel since there are no other Mysore teachers…


Is the web evolving us?

Ah ha! Just as I figured!

To see how the Internet might be rewiring us, Small and colleagues monitored the brains of 24 adults as they performed a simulated Web search, and again as they read a page of text. During the Web search, those who reported using the Internet regularly in their everyday lives showed twice as much signaling in brain regions responsible for decision-making and complex reasoning, compared with those who had limited Internet exposure. The findings, to be published in the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, suggest that Internet use enhances the brain’s capacity to be stimulated, and that Internet reading activates more brain regions than printed words. The research adds to previous studies that have shown that the tech-savvy among us possess greater working memory (meaning they can store and retrieve more bits of information in the short term), are more adept at perceptual learning (that is, adjusting their perception of the world in response to changing information), and have better motor skills.


I love the mesquite tree in the back yard. Since it was planted, several months ago, it has flourished beautifully under The Cop’s care.

Well, it flourished beautifully until Tyler started gnawing at its trunk. And then he ripped off a nice strip of bark, denuding the poor tree right to its core.

So The Cop put chicken wire around the trunk.

Cut to this morning, when Tyler returned from the back yard with a dirty snout.

When I went out to investigate, I discovered he’d dug a hole next to the chicken wire and managed to unearth some of the tree’s roots.

I wonder if these two knew each other in a past life. There appears to be some unfinished business. 😉


A picture of a quieter moment with Maxine and Ty.


6 Responses

  1. sweet, sweet photos… Tyler looks like he’s grown so much!
    I think I need to start reading the internet more. ha. I’m on it a lot, but honestly, not reading much other than email and blogs. That can’t be making me smarter.
    Something in me- something old fashioned- kind of winced when reading (if I interpreted it correctly) that reading from the internet is making people quicker and smarter than reading the printed word. I love the feel of books. I love to see light reflected off of pages and photos rather than light blasting through them from a computer screen.
    I guess that puts me in the category of someone who is not adjusting my perception of the world in response to changing information… hee hee.

  2. Maxine has been so happy recently. I was thinking that about some photos a couple of weeks ago, but now she is all-out smiling at the camera. She’ll be the small one of the pair very soon…

  3. I have no doubt that internet reading stimulates us more in some ways, mostly due to refining our search skills and the interaction involved. But the ability to read an actual whole, entire BOOK, on paper, must surely foster others… patience and staying power among them. Whereas internet use definitely retards the sense of patience… ever felt yourself get irate if a page takes 10 seconds to load??

  4. Oh, I hate a locked door. Fortunately, I can usually just go to work and practice there. Lots of good floor surface.

    Reading…I wish I had time to do more leisure reading. i am not a big fiction reader. It has to be really good for me to stick with it. I recently read ‘Heir to the Glimmering World’ by Cynthia Ozick and loved it. I am totally stuck on her ‘Puttermesser Papers’, which had been the book that I had gone into the bookstore for but then had to order, hence the ingestion of ‘Glimmering World’. Oh, and I just skimmed your entire post, because, well, I’m a skimmer….

  5. The speed of the internet. Vata?

    The desire to patiently read whole books. I don’t think people will ever lose that.

    I’ll look into the Ozick titles, Nataraj. I am still slowly moving through “Infinite Jest.” I love it, but my night-time reading has been hugely compromised by my Ashtanga hours. I always have these fantasies of a nice long reading session before sleep, but generally just pass out within a page or two.

  6. Maxine looks so much more ‘fierce’ with her cropped ears but it sounds like Tyler is more the menace, at least to the yard, LOL. Even lying down Tyler looks like a gangly adolescent, all legs and elbows.

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