Midweek research report

Mysore at the shala. Nice.

Decided to go ahead with the samakonasana/hanumanasana addition to standing, since my hip flexors have been achey.

Weird things going on in the lower back and hip flexors. Weird as in “persistent Ashtanga practice,” not weird as in injured. Must just persevere.

Most interesting part of the practice turned out to be assisted dropbacks. Suddenly, I felt a very three-dimensional opening of the hip joints/flexors. Most visceral.

And realized, in a flash, that I’ve been thinking of backbending as bending two-dimensionally — as if I had a string extending straight up from each knee and attaching to the bottom of my rib cage, and that all it would take was stretching that straight line into a perfect, single-plane arch.

But DUH! The hip joints are ball and socket. There is revolution in the movement. A slight external rotation in the dropping back, and a slight internal rotation on the return.

It was quite a dramatic thing, to feel that sensation. I love how it made me have instantaneous three-dimensional visions of my own anatomy.

The aftermath, though, was less delightful. I suddenly felt unbelievably nauseated. It was very intense and lasted through most of the closing sequence.

Emotion, much?


5 Responses

  1. Hahaha, second that. The whole post.

  2. Yeah, me too! Kapo makes me nauseus sometimes. At least it doesn’t make me bray anymore, though. The first two times I did it, I sounded like a donkey.

  3. Hey, I just want to say that for me there is a very direct relationship between a point in the right piriformis that gets tight, and a point on the right hip flexors that opens. It is a very direct relationship, as if there were a line straight forward through my hip, creating a sort of mutual ache. When I feel that now I rejoice instead of worrying, as it heralds good things.

  4. Oh yay! That means I am going to suddenly have some opening in the hip flexor?! 🙂

    Let’s hope that’s true.

    Do you just work through the piri pain, Susananda? I never can figure out how much to push with baddha konasana. I can go for the full expression, but it hurts like crazy. I never know if the pain is a good kind of pain (releasing the problem) or a bad kind of pain…

  5. Hi Karen…. Sorry, I’ve just seen this. I don’t have the piriformis pain problem and I can go down flat in baddha konasana, but if I don’t practice or do a lot of running and walking, my right hip really tightens up. My pelvis is a little twisted and all hip openers are about finding space in the right hip, no matter which side of the posture I’m doing!

    I think the problem with piriformis is that it easily goes into spasm, and that is hard to undo. Then it’s time to get out the tennis ball. I also like uttanasana with the heels wide and toes turning in touching. And yin-style stuff in the evenings. Gomukhasana (hips on the floor rather than ashtanga style). Garudasana legs when sitting (on my commute). Etc.

    Good luck.

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