Practice report & converting the masses

Went to the shala this morning. You know, for some punishment. LOL! Not really. (Um, okay, kind of.)

On Saturday, I brought a friend (let’s call her “The Amazing Extravert”) from work to led class with Muscle Man. I had a suspicion she might have Ashtanga karma. She’s been trying out different kinds of yoga (I went to an Anusara class with her), but given her personality (driven, nerdy, a tad hyperactive in the mind) I figured her for an Ashtangi.

The Amazing Extravert (“amazing” because she manages to be an extravert and to not annoy me — in fact, she is delightful and quite endearing) was game for the whole class. Sure, she laughed and rolled her eyes at me a few times. But all in all, she seemed to have a really good time.

All of this was helped along, of course, by the fact that The British Director was there, and The Big Guy. And Muscle Man was teaching. So there was a little group of Ashtanga regulars, and they were really friendly and good-humored.

I brought Freeman’s primary DVD in to work this morning for her. She feels like she’d like to know more and perhaps even come to Mysore practice. I am amused and impressed by AE’s fearlessness! I also feel like a drug pusher or cult promoter.


Mysore this morning. Nice and warm in the shala. Just three other people there. Muscle Man helped out with some nice assists in the usual places: UHP, for one. How can UHP be so incredibly solid at home, when I’m alone in the yoga room, and so shockingly shaky when there’s a teacher around?

My left side stinks because of a torn arch from running. Yeah, yeah, it was years ago and I should ditch the excuse…

Also got the usual supta kurmasana adjustment. I suppose I should be more worked about getting my feet crossed behind my head, but quite honestly, I figure that if I get to eka and dwi pada sirsasana one day, those’ll finally solve for getting supta kurmasana all set up on my own. Until then, I don’t mind having a teacher cross my feet behind my head. I don’t even mind just skipping it and keeping my feet on the floor. I guess I am lacking in ambition for supta k.

I went through to baddha konasana, then switched over to intermediate and went to ustrasana. Needed to be on a con call early, so had to cobble together a hybrid practice.

Asked Muscle Man if he thought it wise for me to keep including baddha konasana, what with the piriformis problem. He figures it’s okay, provided the injury seems to be improving (which it does, though slowly). I knocked off baddha k for a few weeks, but don’t want to ditch it entirely forever… I had to laugh when we were talking about it. I told him that baddha konasana was SO hard for me, and that when I finally could reliably put my head on the floor *ping!* — there goes the piriformis.

“Just go easy,” he said.

“Hard to do,” I pointed out. “All I want is to put my head on the floor.”

Even as I said it, I had to laugh. Rough life, I have. Tragic.



5 Responses

  1. So it’s the right arch that was torn? Strange…

    Also, what is that like and is it a common injury in running? Could you post photos of the two arches some time?

  2. Actually, left. So when I say “left side” of UHP, I mean, left foot down, right foot up. You can tell what the important part of the pose is for me, I guess. 😉

    I believe it is relatively common in running. Not torn all the way through, BTW. What is it like? It hurts like a son of a gun. When it first happened, I couldn’t walk right — the mid-arch to toe part of my foot was just kind of flapping. Rehab included ice and DEEP massage. Sounded like the popping of bubble wrap as they kept stretching out the scar tissue. Took years to really heal, though still not quite right; there’s a tendency for it to get overworked and achey.

    In the spirit of my post where I talked about how small adjustments can have long-reaching effects, it’s worth noting that the foot blew out several months after I rehabbed a weightlifting injury to the left knee. I believe the foot was compensating for some tiny weakness/imbalance in the knee.

    I will try to get some arch photos this weekend. Even though I do not admire my flat arches. And even though there’s a chance the images will be titillating to at least a portion of the internet.

    But I will post, for the sake of the research project!

  3. I will trade you freakish high arches for flat ones…..

  4. Oh gosh. Yes, I’m not fetishizing. 🙂

    This seems integral to your leftsided experiences.

    When it went, was it just that you were running along and ping?

    Interesting that your description of the pain is not a huge part of what you’re describing, nor is it very emotional. Were you already pretty deep into your zen practice when this occurred?

    Do you have much consciousness of the arches during practice?

    Is this too many questions?

  5. There are so many things I’m finding humorous in the post and comments….
    “converting the masses”
    “son of a gun”
    “Oh gosh… I’m not fetishizing”

    I’M fetishizing then! Show us those fallen arches! ha ha ha!!!
    I’m sort of intrigued by the different feet in yoga. I know, it’s really weird. I can’t help it. I’ve always had big, wide feet, and until I started doing yoga, I didn’t appreciate them. Now, I love them. Spread them as wide as possible to get a firm grip! I wonder about the dainty-footed yogis.

    anyway, this comment is ridiculous. feel free to ignore.

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