Archangel flies away, the dog with athlete’s belly, and other stuff

Went to the shala yesterday, for what is usually an Ashtanga “mix” class (i.e., improv). Muscle Man teaches.

A bunch of people showed up and we set off. As Muscle Man was giving me an adjustment in down dog, he said, “Been missing you at Mysore.”

“I always seem to drift back to home practice,” I said. “How’s it been going?”

“The numbers are dropping off,” he said. “And now with the Archangel gone…”

“What do you mean, gone?”

“He’s in Singapore. His wife couldn’t get into this country, so he had to move.”


Turns out the mix class has been changed to led primary. Which was fine by me. Appeared to be mostly beginners, because Muscle Man explained modifications for all of the poses as we went along.

He asked me to demonstrate bhujapidasana, then made a point of coming over to adjust me in supta kurmasana. I wondered if it’d irritate my T12, but turns out there was no problem, which is very good news.

Muscle Man also does the samakonasana/hanumanasana addition to standing, and I was happy to find that hanumanasana is totally painless and actually just feels terrific these days. I wonder if it’s unusual, to have poses that get better provided one doesn’t do them too much? I enjoy hanumanasana so much that I get these impulses to do it every practice. If I do, though, I find that the posture devolves pretty quickly.

After urdhva dhanurasana, he told everyone to play around for a few minutes with inversions, then came over and did assisted dropbacks with me. I appreciate the fact that he was so thoughtful.


Tyler is kind of on and off with the itching, though slowly seems to be improving. I had a brainstorm the other morning, and decided to try some miconazole nitrate (aka athlete’s foot spray) on his skin.

Seems to be helping, and the vet said it won’t hurt him, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Only other news is puppy school. I just spoke with The Cop, who is going to be home late from the night shift because there was a taser incident, which requires lots of paperwork. Anyhow, I was telling him about how I don’t really feel happy with puppy school at the local Petsmart.

What I really wanted out of puppy school was for Tyler to be around people and other dogs, so he’s well-socialized. The actual training part wasn’t as important to me. What’s happening in class, though, is that we have a total of 5 dogs — one of whom is Tyler. Then there’s Teddy, who Tyler likes to pal around with. The other three dogs are older dogs (one of them is 6!), and they are snappers and fear biters. I appreciate that their owners want to get them under control, but part of what the teacher wants to do is let them get close to the other dogs, and then the owner is supposed to correct their dog when it snaps or growls or goes into attack mode.

Obviously, the easiest thing to do is to let the cranky dogs do their training with Tyler or Teddy, who don’t react back. Tyler just stands there and looks at the angry dogs with curiosity. Then he looks around to see if he can find Teddy, ’cause he’d rather play.

So, long story short, I don’t think I want to go back to the class. I’ve been practicing all of the commands with Tyler, and he’s got “sit” and “leave it” down cold. “Down” and “come” are at about 85%, and “stay,” which is new, is 50/50. Apparently he is a-okay with the socialization thing (actually, he LOVES meeting new people and dogs), so the next step is “real” obedience training.

I’m going to see if I can find an AKC class. I think he is going to be an excellent obedience dog, and I don’t want to mess it up by having too many classes that are about other dogs’ behavior problems.


I leave you with a terrific backbending video. It’s inspired me to use our couch as a prop during tomorrow’s practice. 🙂

And here’s a hilarious video of an American bulldog enjoying a car ride. I can’t wait to try this with Tyler when he’s older…

But I have to wrap up now. Maxine and Tyler have driven me off the couch with their wrestling antics. Though, of course, they’re looking very innocent in the subsequent pictures.


12 Responses

  1. Thanks for the backbend video, that guy’s amazing. I just watched backbend training 1, 2 and 3. The music’s good too! And it’s really interesting to see the way that he works. The couch IS a great idea, and so is wall bhekasana. Cool.

  2. What a beautiful human he is! Wonderful.

    Also, Tyler is way too soulful with those eyes. How can you deal? I’d be useless to get anything done with him around the house.

  3. I’m with Owl, I don’t know how you get anything done with Tyler around. They look so cute on the couch.

    There isn’t a ‘puppies only’ socialization class around? Sounds like that’s more what you need.

  4. He has the soulful eyes of his Mom. That’s how we chose him. How can I get anything done with him in the house, Owl? LOL! Here’s how: all he wants to do is wrestle and gnaw on me! He even punched me in the eye with his paw this morning! (All in good fun, of course.) I do other stuff as a break from his puppy antics!

    Actually, though, yesterday afternoon he fell asleep on the floor. I decided to grab the opportunity to snooze on the couch. Woke up to him crawling up there with me. He snuggled in and we took a lovely nap. It was great.

    Yes, LIA, I’m trying to track down a puppy’s only class. Emailed a place this morning.

    And Susananda, I’m with you on the wall bhekasana! How cool is that?!

  5. Did the Taser incident begin with the phrase “Hey, watch this!” or anything similar to that?

    Tyler looks like a fun dog. If I encountered the two/three/four of you walking down the street I’d totally kneel down to say hi to him.

  6. “Hey, watch this!” LOL! Very funny, Carl!

    Tyler is hilarious, because when we encounter people, he gets SO happy. He’s totally thrilled that there are all these people around.

  7. hi Karen
    that looks like Boodi’s favorite YouTube posting yogi; he’s amazing.
    cheers, Arturo

  8. Too bad that Gabriel has flown away. Do you think mysore will survive much longer? Is there a possibility that Dave wil teach again?

    Tyler is just cuter than ever.

  9. I’m not sure about how long Mysore will last, Susan. Just talked to John about it this morning, and he said the numbers are slipping. Barbara was there, and another long-timer (Chris). We’re going to try to put together a party for the old regulars of Dave’s classes, and see what people are up to.

    I don’t know if Dave is going to teach again. I wish I did.


  10. Let me know when the party will be. I’ll send happy thoughts its way.

  11. Oh, and another thing. Our studio has adopted a new business model for mysore. After several of us said we would be willing to pay extra to keep it going, the studio adopted a separate category for mysore pricing. You must pay in advance for the quarter. The payment also allows the student to attend any other regularly scheduled class. The mysore fee is more expensive than the regular quarterly fee, but not unduly so. This method seems to have established mysore on a firm footing even though the number of students fluctuates daily.

  12. I was just thinking about suggesting a revised business model for the Mysore practice! Great minds…


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