Wolff for Tyler and me

I listen to the same CD every morning as I practice. Shakti~Bhakti by Martin Wolff.

Tyler lies down in his playpen when I roll out my mat and turn on the music. I have no idea how I stumbled upon this CD, to tell you the truth. But I love it. And Tyler seems to, too. The Cop, well, I haven’t asked him what he thinks. Best not to know, I imagine. 😉

This morning I found a little review of the CD, along with more info about Martin Wolff. An interesting fellow from New Jersey who likes to practice Vedic chants.

The Vedic chanting brings out … this intensity of awareness, of Presence, the immanence of God, however you understand That. But because the vibrations are arranged the unique way that they are, these Vedic chants have a power to rearrange the energies inside you in such a way that there is this incredible energetic — but not frenetic —happiness.

The chanting intensifies my inner conviction that happiness and beauty are our real nature and that we always have a possibility to reach one another directly, perhaps without words at all, on this purer, freer plane of our existence. The chanting also reminds me that I can be true to my own real nature in a moment, even though I have gotten caught in some ridiculous ego-driven nightmare.

I think I should emphasize that I don’t consider myself an artist. I don’t have the usual musical skills or the temperament of a performer. But I have had the opportunity to chant in sacred settings and have noticed that often when I am chanting, the chant moves — or stills — others the same way it affects me. So I was encouraged to offer the chanting which I love; it was a natural step to make this offering more available.

I really had not planned this CD — on a retreat, the man who became the recording engineer suggested to me that we could work together and come up with something that people could benefit from. I am not trying to push anything with the CD, it is an offering and I believe it will end up where it should end up.

Thank goodness for such geekery.


12 Responses

  1. Years ago, a CD club sent me an Enya CD when I didn’t respond fast enough with the ‘decline’ postcard. I kept it and then discovered that it knocks my cats out cold. I turn up the heat and put it on the CD player when cat bathing time rolls around. Then all I have to do is snatch up their limp bodies and cart them straight to the bathroom. Works like magic every time.

  2. I love your animal stories, Carl. You’re the cat whisperer.

  3. Hi Karen,
    Glad you are showing little Tyler the “cultures” of the world…….
    Fine music, healthy and natural foods………I think he probably watches you practice so much that next thing you know, he may “strike a pose”!

    Talked to “The Cop” yesterday and he thought you might be seeing some improvement in the “itchy” department. Hope that is still the case:)

  4. He’s very good at downward facing dog! 🙂

    Itching was better, then a little recurrence yesterday. The only thing that’s different is that I used a little laundry detergent to clean his bedding. Did some online research and saw a suggestion to wash the bedding with white vinegar instead of detergent, so we’ll see how he does tonight.

    No matter what, though, he’s better than he has been. Maybe he’s just outgrowing whatever this is…

  5. Oh good. I’m glad to hear it’s abating. Poor little (big) fellow.

    I’m pretty excited about the Shakti~Bhakti. My Ben Leibach – Jai Uttal geekery could use a rest for sure…

  6. Let me know what you think of it. It’s pretty minimalist — but I just LOVE it.

  7. Hi Karen
    I love your stories about Tyler. He might really like Gregorian Chants. I have several such CDs called “lost in meditation” Listening to these at night this week has given me a lot of peace. They might do the same for Tyler.

  8. So I like it!

    You can get it for $9 as an mp3 on Amazon. Similar rhythms and pronunciations to other recordings, but also no covering over a certain east coast fullness in his voice. I don’t know if that’s the way to put it. But I like the voice and the whole thing is beautiful.

    That said, it does not work for writing. Recntly, I was making a new copy of the gayatri mantra we sometimes play at practice… having the shala drones play in my office was hilariously disorienting. I felt like I was having a bolt of cotton fabric slowly wrapped around my head. Pleasant and peaceful but… kind of distracting.

  9. for writing, keith jarrett’s koln concert…

  10. Hm. Good call. I have that on the shelf actually…

  11. Hey, glad you like the Shakti~Bhakti CD. And thanks for the press…never hurts!

  12. Martin Wolff! Nice to “meet” you. Gosh, I do love Shakti~Bhakti. I just never tire of it. Thanks for making it.


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