More Tyler

Tyler likes dogs, but what he really loves is people. He was so happy to go back to the vet. Greetings and wiggles for all! The lady with the cat in the waiting room, the lady with the dog who did NOT want to meet Tyler, the receptionist, the assistant to the vet, the vet herself! People! People! People!

Tyler is a great mix of his parents. His Mom stood on her back legs and snuggled up against me when we first met, even though she had her yet-to-open-their-eyes pups with her. And his Dad is a big lug, who loped around excitedly when we met him.

Tyler the Watchdog: This morning, I opened the side door as The Cop drove his motorcycle into the garage. Tyler went bounding in, wiggling away to greet… hey, wait a minute, The Cop was wearing his helmet, which covers his whole head and which has a dark visor that totally obscures his face. Tyler doesn’t care. Look! There’s a stranger in the garage! Woohoo! Hey, look at me! I’m a puppy and I’m right here!

The vet is treating him for sarcoptes scabei, which is canine scabies. Scabies are a parasite that are common on dogs, but if a pup’s immune system isn’t fully up to speed, they can proliferate and cause a reaction (i.e., itching). This step (of treating for scabies) makes sense before we proceed down the road of trying to deal with allergies. If it is, in fact, scabies that he is dealing with, then the medication will solve all of our problems.

I would not be surprised if his immune system is having trouble keeping up. He weighs 32 pounds, which means he’s put on 22.5 pounds in the 7 weeks we’ve had him. At this point, his feet are bigger than Maxine’s.


And here’s a picture.

Lazy much?

Tyler likes to sleep by the water bowl. That way, when he wakes up, he can just stick his head in it and have a drink. Apparently he didn’t learn anything last week, when he rolled over in his sleep and doused himself.


3 Responses

  1. He’s become so much bigger in a short time. He already looks like a big dog, instead of a puppy. So cute.

    Hey, how is mysore going in AZ? I will be out for a week long visit in 1-09, and plan around mysore.

  2. AO has Mysore Mon, Wed 7-9 at Scottsdale location, Tues, Thurs, Fri 7-9 at Phoenix location.

    Let me know when you’re going to be here, so I make a point of going to the shala!

  3. He is so cute, I don’t know how you get anything done at all.

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