And now, Susananda!

How’s that for an introduction?

Susananda left a comment saying she hasn’t been able to comment on one of my other posts. Where I asked her about shadow yoga. Susananda, shall we talk about shadow yoga in the comments of this post?

I first got curious about shadow yoga when I practiced with Celeste Lau in Singapore. I don’t know if she still shadow yoga along with Ashtanga, but apparently she sees it as a good complement to Ashtanga.

I believe Matthew Sweeney also mentioned shadow yoga in passing during his workshop in July.

So I’m curious about it.


Poor Tyler is completely beside himself with itchiness. I will try to get him into the vet this morning. It seemed he was getting better, but for the past day he has been scratching incessantly.


Practice has been delightful and pain-free for the past week. Well, maybe a teeny bit of piriformis pain, but nothing to speak of. Been doing primary to navasana, then the intermediate backbends. Decided to leave kurmasana and baddha konasana alone until the T12 and piriformis are totally back to normal. Which should be quite soon, and I’m a little sad — because I’m loving the split practice.


Mind body. Mediated, as is often the case, by the eyes.


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  1. Test?
    Just tried twice to post a longer comment, it wouldn’t let me, but said the second one was a duplicate?

  2. Thought I’d replied to this a couple of days ago, but my reply must have got eaten! That’s exactly it, it takes a while to realise that you are building it up from the floor with your strength. Very reptilian feeling. I was used to doing more passive backbending, just using the legs and core but not the back muscles themselves. And my inner leg line was weak. Now I think those poses are really good for me. Plus shalabasana is mayurasana prep!

    I did blog a little about shadow once. I wonder if I can find much more to say about it so long after the fact.. wish I’d been blogging then! I’ve linked my teacher in that post, she has a nice site but you never find much written about shadow yoga, it’s always the same official blurb. Shandor’s book is very interesting, but quite dense and cryptic, reminds me of hatha yoga pradipika or something. Shadow yoga will make it overseas eventually, just like anusara is only starting to do here.

  3. OK, it worked without the link. Phew! Anyway, I went back to a class in mid-July and blogged a little about it then (tried to link to the post).

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