More Tyler

Tyler gets very excited when I open the vegetable bin in the refrigerator. So excited, in fact, that this morning Maxine joined in, eagerly awaiting the upcoming treat.

I sliced a Gala apple and offered a piece to Tyler, who happily gobbled it up. Also offered one to Maxine, who took it, looked at me mournfully, then spit it out.

Other amusing things Tyler has eaten (at my behest):

  • Carrots (he has one every morning)
  • Kalamata olives
  • Avocado
  • Salsa
  • Pieces of frozen banana
  • Zucchini slices
  • Dates
  • Unauthorized things Tyler has eaten:

  • Foam covering from air conditioning unit
  • Stick of butter
  • And in other news, last night he got into the open dishwasher when The Cop, who was loading the dishwasher, left the kitchen for a moment.


    14 Responses

    1. You know how it’s said that a lot of women get that warm, fuzzy, maternal yearning when seeing babies? Well, I kind of get that when I see Tyler. I actually kind of salivate from the cuteness. Is that creepy? ha ha!! He looks like a handful, but what a cutie!! My boyfriend’s Pekingese eats tons of veggies. It’s pretty funny.

    2. Tyler is SO MUCH CUTER than a human toddler. And the whole nibbling on Maxine thing. I’d probably nibble back. It’s ridiculous.

      I also like that he can feed himself, unlike a human baby. Even if he seems to be indiscriminate about that. Too funny.

    3. What’s up with Maxine? Galas are delicious!

    4. sounds like a bulldog….if it exists, it belongs in their stomach. he looks great!!

    5. I’m trying to get a picture of them when they play. Maxine pulls her lips back and snaps her jaws and looks utterly terrifying. But she is always so gentle with him, even when he doesn’t really deserve it.

      I have no idea why, but Maxine won’t touch fruit. I play a game where I give her a section of orange — she always takes it politely, then puts it down. I pick it up and offer it again, and, politely, she takes it again and puts it down. I like to repeat it over and over.

      Hmmm. Now that I type that, I realize she’s really nice to me, too — even when I don’t deserve it. 😉

    6. Oh god. That’s great. Karen if you don’t stop the whole ashtangi Jedi rep is in trouble.

      What I did for the last 10 minutes:

    7. I have a friend with a Scottish Fold. You know about the weird way they sit, right? Here’s some cuteness:

    8. Oh my god. Are those rock solid abs she’s got?

      I’m never getting to practice at this rate:

      It seems all the scottish fold youtubes are from Japan. The Editor fussed A LOT last night when I took him to Japan-town and made him hang out in the grocery store fascinating over all the cute foods, and go in the boutiques with cute EVERYTHING and the pastry store which also has cute everything. Oh my gosh I can spend hours looking at tea and little ceramics and tiny toys. He gets soooo bored: the scottish fold would be a total hard sell in the Owl House.

      I better focus on the more potentially-badass cuteness of Tyler. My only hope.

    9. Thanks guys. Now I won’t be able to do anything else with my day.

    10. I love Japantown because people bow during ordinary everyday transactions & interactions. I love to bow.

      And you know, V, you’ve been talking about having a cat. I can *totally* see you with a Scottish Fold!

    11. Thanks for sharing the video clip of the Scottish Fold… I stayed up an extra hour (putting me under the sheets at 4am) because I couldn’t stop watching videos of people’s pets! I’ve never seen the Scottish Fold, but Henry often sits in a similar way (rock solid abs covered in adorable fur).
      V- you need a Scottish Fold so you can write about him and take thousands of photos and videos for us. Forget yoga, let’s talk about our pets!

    12. I’m not a kitty person but that’s freaking cute. I like watching pug videos. I’m such a goober.

      Karen, Tyler is so frigging cute. I love that picture ‘Mommy, I’m so hungry!’. The undocked ears make him look much less fierce than Maxine, ha ha ha. My hooligans love vegetables, but they love fruit too. And olives. And zucchini and squash. They won’t eat avacado though. Rocky, however, will happily still eat wood furniture.

    13. How can Scottish Folds possibly hear can openers cut open tuna cans? They can’t know when to go running to the kitchen. They must live their lives deprived of delicious tuna water.

    14. ha! thanks for the laugh break with the cute story on Tyler and Maxine.

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