Home alone

I worry about what he’s up to when I go to the shala. The Cop works night shift, so between the time I leave for practice and The Cop arrives home, there is a half hour when poor Tyler is all alone.

I’ve been so worried that he is depressed without us.

So I decided to capture the depth of his sadness on a secret video.


9 Responses

  1. Oh, I can see that the poor little thing is SO traumatized by being left alone. *snort* He is adorable!!

  2. Yes, he appears quite depressed. He’s so depressed, in fact, that he stopped playing long enough to bark 4 times at the mailman or whatever.

    Did you put the camera within his reach?

  3. I was wiggling my knees back and forth I was laughing so hard at your secret video! It’s hilarious! He really may need some therapy. Do they have doggie antidepressants available? You might want to get some, quick.

  4. Ohhhww. Poor little guy. My son watched the vid with me, laughing .

  5. LOL, he may need therapy later, you are clearly abusing him by leaving him alone for an hour in the morning! Such a mean puppy mommy you are! πŸ™‚

    He’s so freaking cute.

  6. Hi Karen
    The star. My neighbors must have thought I had a dog in here with all the barking in the video. Half an hour doesn’t seem like a long time, although for a dog it might.

  7. snoopy was very concerned with what tyler was saying here. i’ve had to replay it for him five or six times!

  8. Does Snoopy have any insight into why Tyler is always so itchy?

    Does Snoopy have a British accent? That’s what I always think when I see bassets…

  9. That just totally made my day!!! HYSTERICAL πŸ™‚
    Please don’t stop posting Tyler videos, he is the cutest!

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