More Piriformis

Achy right piriformis when I got up. Took ibuprofen with my coffee — at least I think I did. That was my intent, but who knows, what with chasing Tyler around and making sure he did all of his business outside, etc. He definitely takes the relaxation out of mornings. 🙂

Today is Muscle Man’s Mysore morning. Six or so of us. Nice and warm. Been feeling super-strong in practice the past couple of days, and today kept the streak going. Muscle Man talked to me about keeping my feet crossed behind my head throughout the “up” from supta kurmasana. I usually uncross them as I come up, rather than keeping them crossed until I am all the way up. I have a little fear of getting stuck, I think. A little claustrophobia. Once things like this are pointed out, though, it’s easy enough to just brave through and fix them.

Got to baddha konasana and felt kind of scared. Set up slowly, then moved into the forward bend. Hey! No resistance! A little pain, but great range of motion. Usually it takes a little easing to get myself to the floor, but this morning it was one exhale all the way to the floor. Yes, I could feel some pain, but nothing I couldn’t consciously relax. Until, suddenly, there was a “twang” — what felt like a handful of stretched muscle fibers suddenly letting go. With a split second of weird sensation that might or might not have been significant pain. I popped up quickly, out of some kind of intuition. Or maybe just fear. Hard to say. Moved into baddha konasana B without any fanfare. Seems like everything is fine. I guess that was an opening.

At work now, and time for some peppermint tea and more ibuprofen. Feel some ache and a little instability when I walk, but I think that’s just things opening up.


Walking out of the studio at the same time as one of the guys who’d been practicing. “What a way to start the day, huh?” he said, clearly happy. “Yes!” I agreed. Perhaps a little community is starting to form…


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