Will I manage to post this before he wakes…?

Fluctuating Mind has a really nice blogroll that I like to catch up on when I have a few moments.

Today’s been a weird day, energywise. Last night, Maxine (the old dog) was restless and paced around, asking to be let out every hour or so. Which woke Tyler, who then wanted to go out, and then wanted to cry when returned to his crate. So we were all up pretty much all night.

Morning rolls around and The Cop gets home from night shift, Maxine goes to sleep for the day with him, and Tyler swings wildly between utter mania and deep unconsciousness. Any time he keels over, I can get something done. And when he is awake, there are some things I can accomplish that actually hold his attention. So far, I’ve completed a presentation for a conference session (during sleep time), cleaned half of the house (during wake time — he’s scared of the dry mop, mildly amused by the broom, and thrown into fits of joyous attack mode by the feather duster), and managed to do a little reading (some during sleep time and some stolen moments during wake time).

During one of his naps, I lay down on his mat with him and fell asleep. It reminded me of when My Gift was a baby. I was so captive to her schedule that I threw myself into sleep whenever she did — just so I could keep up.

Currently work is a madhouse because we have a number of major projects all happening at once, and, most importantly, my right-hand colleague, confidant, and friend is out on maternity leave. Gah! I’m loving interim-managing the design team in her absence, after a good spell of doing primarily strategy stuff, but damn, humans suck up a lot of energy! I’m happy to give it, but need to keep adjusting my own levels so I can stay balanced…

And at home, there’s Tyler — adorable black hole sucking up endless energy. All of this adds up to a revised kind of life for me. I realize how simple my life can be — I get up at exactly the same time every day, do the same practice, head to the office at the same time. Both The Cop and I love peaceful routine.

Things are a little different right now, though. Which is fine.

And all of this brings me back, in a roundabout way, to Fluctuating Mind’s blogroll, where I read a couple of posts that are just perfect for today.

How do you practice when no one’s watching?

How do you practice when you have other responsibilities?


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  1. Hi Karen
    That is sweet that you took the cue from Tyler when he took a nap to take one yourself.

    The link to the discussion on how to practice when you are by yourself is very useful. I would agree with what S. says. I still would give myself poses, though, not to make myself crazy, but to get some feeling of accomplishment.

    On weeks when I have experimented with LBH poses of 3rd series, my regular practice of primary and intermediate poses has really improved. I have felt a lightness in them, because I had done things differently during the week. The other day I floated into UHP because I had done a lot of inversions and lifting the leg felt like something similar but rightside up.


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