What Karen needs

I only approve of memes (and recipes!) if they are designed for slackers. Accordingly, the meme for today is “What You Need.”

Type the phrase “[your given name] needs” into Google and click “Go.”


Karen needs help.
Karen needs feedback.
Karen needs a lobotomy fund.
Karen needs to get her ass off the ground.
Karen needs to start carrying a flask.


9 Responses

  1. lobotomy fund?!?! that is the most interesting one yet!

  2. It’s a very accurate (though not terribly tactful) meme.

  3. Hi Karen
    Isn’t Zen enough on the lobotomy arena?

  4. LOL! Yes, Arturo — all I really want is a zen lobotomy…

  5. bwah-hah-hah!! Karen needs to start carrying a flask. A flask of zen elixirs, perhaps?

  6. You got your ass off the ground years ago.

    The one about the flask is so good.

    From the NYT: “owl’s needs have gotten in the way.”

  7. Well, Owl, lately The Archangel is calling me on my slacker top-of-the-head bhujapidasana. And when I come up from the chin, I’ve been overcorrecting and managing to fall on my butt. So maybe not entirely off the ground. 😉

    I wonder what zen elixirs would be, Patrick? Not Jack Daniels, certainly. Something that isn’t taken to induce heedlessness, as they say…

  8. While JD has in the past induced heedlessness in my behavior, I was well set on heedlessness in those days, so there is some debate about whether or not the liquor had anything to do with it.

    It’s possible to imbibe heedfully, yes? Not maybe in terms of that most tired of aphorisms, “Everything in moderation” but a little shy of Rimbaud’s “One must undertake a total derangement of the senses to become a seer” (although I will admit undying love of such sentiment).

  9. Yup, there’s some good zen literature on heedful imbibing. My favorite thing about it is that the rule is not to attach to your rules. Tricky! 🙂

    I’ve actually been thinking about that in relation to vegetarianism lately. Suppose it could be applied to any of the yamas… (and it is, in lots of koans).

    Usually it’s just easier for me to have some rules and follow them. Perhaps a little more vigilance about dogmatism may be in order…

    Hmmmm. I guess a flask of JD isn’t out of the question.

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