Samskaras of insecurities, adorabilities and monstrosities

Baddha konasana this morning was pretty mellow. I only went halfway, letting the pose feel good until it felt bad and then backing off. This was delightful and surprising, as I do not usually allow myself to back off of anything. *sigh* Samskaras are a bitch.

One day I will transcend them.

At setu bandhasana, I realized that I always feel shy in the classroom when I get to this pose, because I have an image in my mind of a lame setu bandhasana. It being a Friday and all, I was just doing primary, so decided to kill a moment by setting up the video camera and capturing my setu bandhasana for critical review.

As it turns out, my setu bandhasana is perfectly acceptable, and — dare I say it — even rather aesthetically pleasing. Not that it much matters: it’s one of those poses that’s never really meant too much to me one way or another. I never really “wanted” it or struggled with it or thought too terribly much about it (once it was clear my neck wasn’t going to snap and my head roll off). So I have no idea why I developed a low-grade insecurity about it, but there you go. Insecurity is now officially dispelled.


During practice, Tyler gnawed a bone in his playpen. Nice.

I called the local pet place this morning to schedule training sessions with him. We start Sunday, September 14. He’ll be 12 weeks old.

The girl on the phone asked how old he is and what kind of dog.

“American bulldog,” I said.

“Ooooooh, I’m going to fall in love with him!” she said. “When did you get him?”

“A little more than a week ago.”

“So you’re still in the ‘Oh, he’s SO cute!’ phase.”

“We alternate days of ‘Oh, he’s so cute’ and ‘Oh my God, he’s a monster.'”


Tyler with shoelace.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Karen
    You had visions of the French Revolution decaps surrounding Setu Bandasana, it seems. I agree that capturing our practice on video makes us realize that we’re not doing it so bad. Only our teachers know if we don’t film ourselves.

  2. But he’s a cute little monster.

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