Muscle Man and the Archangel, Book 4

I’ve gone to a few Mysore practices over the past couple of weeks. Heard from Sanskrit Scholar a few weeks back that Starbucks of Yoga was starting up a Mysore program again. According to the grapevine, the proprietor had an Ashtanga awakening and is interested in pursuing the SKPJ way.

So why am I going? Well, to see what it’s like to practice with people again. To have a teacher help me out with some adjustments. Just because I can. It’s been nice, too. The Mysore room is manned by two teachers who alternate days: Muscle Man, who is Volleyball Guy’s son, and The Archangel.

I’ve really been enjoying having two teachers. Neither of them is overly “teachy” — so there’s no conflict; in fact, they seem to complement each other quite nicely. I’ve just been going in, setting up my mat, and setting off. This morning Muscle Man made a comment about having to take a long walk to get to my mat, since I was off a ways from the others. Ha! I figured my reintroduction to practice in the company of other humans was best taken gradually.

And about those other humans. I think there were five of us today. The most I’ve seen is around 7-8. I think almost all are pretty new to Ashtanga. Which begs the question: where are the veteran Ashtangis? Surely there are ongoing practitioners in the Phoenix area, Ashtangis who get up and practice every morning. They must be out there. Mustn’t they?

I am loving going to the shala, but I am also going to avoid getting too attached. What if the handful of people who are practicing at the shala decide it’s better to sleep in and skip the practice? What about the owner? If he loses interest, is the Mysore program over?


For the time being, there is an opportunity to practice with a couple of young, enthusiastic teachers. So I’ll make the most of it.


From Book 4:

Sequence corresponds to a series of moments perceivable at the end of a process of transformation.

Yoga: Discipline of Freedom


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