Tyler pics

Morning. Tyler is learning to hang out in his playpen during practice time. The playpen is wedged into the doorway of the yoga room so I can pull it across and close off the room when I’m not in it — which is necessary because nothing says DOG TOY like pretty much any yoga prop.

After work. Tyler climbs into my lap.

Before dinner. Waiting… Waiting…


6 Responses

  1. Oh gosh. Leechblock (my ultra self-control software) wanted to make me wait until 10 before I could see Tyler. I had to hack it. Geesz. It’s like someone TOLD him what to do with his eyes in order to look maximally cute. (Liz’s Henry has that too.)

    (Do Tyler and Henry have metanormal powers?)

    Also, good foot mindfulness in both 1 and 2.

  2. Awwww…such a serious little boy! he is too cute.

  3. i was thinking the same thing about the eyes. that boy is going to be so hard to discipline!

  4. The dog is so freaking cute! How do you get anything done around the house? I would just want to play with him all the time. Another reason to not do puppies any more! You guys are so lucky. He looks like a ‘Little Buddha’.

  5. Not much new to add – he’s just precious (and I can say this honestly even though he is not a shiba inu!). : )

    What an expressive face. I am so happy for you!

    can I say – Tyler with the FUR?

    : )

  6. and that face:) “mommy, where are my chew-toy reeboks with the straps?”

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