Puppy test, Hands and sleeves

The Cop and I took our coffee and laptops to the garage to conduct a puppy test. Tyler, confined to his doggie playpen, barks inconsolably. And by inconsolably, I mean until steam comes out of your ears and you want to tape his mouth shut.

Anyhow, we wanted to see if he settled down when we were out of the house. It’s pretty clear he totally freaks if confined when he can hear or see us. And, as The Cop predicted, he did in fact relax once he understood we were out of the house. Good to know.

That said, I am going to put him in his playpen and do a little stretching this morning. He has to learn to be amused on his own for at least the time it takes me to practice in the morning. I imagine this morning’s practice will be accompanied by howls and drama. Luckily, I intend to keep practice short and sweet.


From Branching Streams Flow in the Darkness, Shunryu Suzuki:

It may take time before you can accept the teaching completely. The most important factor is you yourself, rather than your teacher. When you study hard, what you receive from your teacher is the spirit of study. That spirit will be transmitted from warm hand to warm hand. You should do it! That’s all. There is nothing to transmit to you.

To practice is not to collect things and put them in your basket, but rather to find something in your sleeve. It’s just that before you study hard, you don’t know what you have in your sleeve.


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