Gah! The Monster!

Can I blog? Not so much. He jumps on the keyboard, he lunges at my chair, he grabs the leg of my pants and tries to run off with me.

Tyler is adorable and ALWAYS up to something. Something that includes chewing.


I want this suit. A lot.


Going to go check out an “Ashtanga mix” class this morning. A mix of poses from different series. Music. Laughter. The hilarity of defeat (one assumes). The British Director and Sanskrit Scholar will be there, too. Ought to be fun.


8 Responses

  1. Dude, I’m thinking about turning my one-a-week Mysore class into “Ashtanga playground.” Let me know how it all is.

    BTW, long time no blogging on my part; I’m going to start doing the Boston travelogue today.

  2. ah, the energy of youth. ha!

    the suit is you, definitely.


  3. Wool suits = v good. I think I might prefer the black on you.

    BTW, J Crew seems to have some size deflation going on. Might be best to try this on in person before purchasing online.

  4. Definitely the black. By size deflation, you mean the clothes run smaller than usual?

  5. It seems the sizes run smaller than usual. So if you’re usually a 6, you need a 4, and so on.

  6. Oh for goodness sake! I hate that. Seems like something the more “preppy” kinds of companies tend to do. I’m going to go over to Victoria’s Secret’s website — they have clothes. I’ll bet they don’t make huge clothes and put a small size on them…

  7. It does irritate me… this weird form of flattery. I’m also convinced that stores in this same niche of the clothing market have their dressing room mirrors slightly concave and lighted from beneath so you look taller and thinner in the dressing room. Next time you’re at the Scottsdale Banana Republic, check it out.

  8. They totally do. And cheap stores make clones of the clothes they want to advertise in nicer fabrics and hand-made so that they look amazing in the ads.

    Don’t get me started on anti-cellulite creams!

    I hate some forms of advertising.

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