Canine Genealogy

I’m going to need a new category for this one.

Okay, I am working on a course on international remuneration — scouring it for unconscious Americanisms and biases, and also any parochial or naive underlying attitudes.

Gah! My head!


Let’s take a break and look at the new puppy’s genealogy. Newsflash: We are picking him up on Sunday. The Cop moved the day back a day because he is so excited. And as an additional newsflash, I will announce his name: Tyler.

Anyhow, here’s both sides of the family.

Tyler’s paternal grandpa, Boyd’s Hobo:

Tyler’s paternal grandma, Boyd’s Graza:

And Tyler’s dad, Souza’s Boyd Toy — aka, Jake:

Tyler’s maternal grandpa, Souza’s Koa:

Tyler’s maternal grandma, Souza’s Matias’ Desert Diva — aka, Trevie:

And Tyler’s mom, Souza’s Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong — aka, Mia:

Wow. That’s a whole universe of bulldog to produce this little fellow.


8 Responses

  1. Looks like that super cute and innocent looking puppy has the potential to grow up into a great big “beware of dog” worthy critter. Still, treated right, those fierce looking beasts can be big ole love pillows.

  2. what a cool post- I love animals and seeing the family tree is extra fantastic! Thanks!

  3. A big ol’ love pillow. Like me, except without weapons …

  4. Yup. That’s what I was thinking. 🙂

  5. Such beautiful dogs!

  6. Hi Karen
    That is hilarious. Thanks for putting the genealogy together.

  7. This is great Karen!! That is one of my favorite pictures of my sweet girl Mia 🙂

  8. Hi Tami! Yes, I love that picture of Mia. She looks so beautiful. Thanks for sending the additional family photos. I can use them to add on to Tyler’s genealogy.

    We’re so excited to come get him on Sunday!

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