And the winner is…

Red Sean.

You’ll get the little joke of his nickname if you watch “Rescue Me.” I keep calling him Red Sean, but I don’t know if The Cop will be willing to go along with that for very long.

Anyhow, here he is. We made our choice tonight. We’ll bring him home August 11.

Here he is shaking his head so hard it disappears.

He’s pretty curious & fearless.

And he’s darling when he’s asleep.


15 Responses

  1. OMG he is absolutely adorable!!!

  2. he’s so so cute! congrats on the new family member.

  3. Cute! I’m saving these pics.

  4. Puppies are soooo cute. Try to remember that when he’s eating your couch in three months, LOL.

  5. aaaw, pookey! mua!

  6. Oh my goodness – he’s ADORABLE!!!

  7. He’s a cute little gomer!

  8. Aww. Ultimate cuteness. That’s all i can say. 🙂

  9. Look at his little TOES!!! Squeeeee!

  10. Every puppy is cute. But Karen, I’m fascinated with you. Yes, fascinated and terrified. I had no clue that you’re looking like this. Your IQ is around 160. I like smart women but also I am terrified with them. Last but not least, OMG such deep, cold inward look… you have eyes of true mystic.

    Drawing from your photo as well as from your blog I can clearly see: you do have an accurate perception of reality. You do have a high level of creativity with just a few defences. You are in search of a high level of integration of personal autonomy into social unconventional ethics. However, you main shortfall is a need for human kinship and respect for others. Although you do have a desire to establish new forms of communications and intimacy you are cut in that field because your ongoing concern with personal growth. You are not so compassionate We are similar in that regards. Sorry 🙂

    Your main positive characteristic is capacity to cope with circumstances. But you do it in your own way. It is even more valued because you do it without spontaneity but rather receptivity of a problem-centered approach to life. It is a special kind of detachment, detachment of one who has seen almost everything in life… You are old soul but you do have a fresh appreciation of things and a democratic attitude.

    Etc. etc.

  11. Squeeeeeeeee!

    Oh K, he is absolutely adorable. Wishing you so, so much happiness.

  12. I keep coming back to this pictures. He is so adorable, and his little paws with those tiny claws have me completely fascinated.

  13. THESE pictures. Where has my grammar gone?

  14. I know. Also I want to kiss his nose.

  15. awwww, he’s adorable!

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