Target is on the move

My sacrum is, uh, loosened somehow, I noticed this morning. Like it’s on the move.

Like it’s not there, almost. Transparent. There is none of the feeling of it being where it usually is, offering its own familiar resistance. Not painful or difficult resistance — just its common everyday presence.

Almost like it’s disappeared entirely.

The only way to keep it safe, I’m thinking, is the rigorous application of an exact daily practice. (Handy! Just what I do anyways!) I can monitor it and cultivate whatever is there that might want/need cultivation.

Cultivating the empty field.

In the dark, no less.


Interesting to come out the other side of this recent learning experience to discover: oh yeah, now I just practice. And practice. And practice some more. Nothing magical, nothing fancy. Really, nothing new. Just get up every morning and practice with an open, quiet mind.

Luckily, I find a zennish pleasure in diligence.


2 Responses

  1. Hey. . . I know what you mean about the floaty, transparent sacrum. It think it feels so unsettling, yet totally. . . fantastic at the same time! Bodies are fun.

  2. interesting… when do you notice this transparent sacrem? is there a particular asana?

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