The breeder contacted The Cop. Mia, mother of the puppies, developed an infection and high fever and died suddenly yesterday.

We were going to go see her and the pups today. I was psyched to see the puppies, but really looking forward to seeing her again. She was absolutely the most beguiling dog I ever met — utterly gentle and loving and dear. The pups were weaned recently, so they will be okay, but it makes me so sad to think of them losing their mother like this.


7 Responses

  1. Indeed, that is sad news. Dogs are so entirely wonderful (note for the record that I grew up with five). Were you already totally committed to puppy ownership, or does this have some influence on whether you do or not?

  2. Oh no, this doesn’t affect our having a new dog. If anything, it makes having one of her puppies even more dear. If our new fellow turns out like his Mom, we’ll be very lucky indeed.

  3. Aw, that makes me so sad. But I’m glad you’re still getting your puppy.

  4. so sorry karen. what sad news. but in the circle of life, glad to hear you will have her pup.

  5. What a beautiful face. So sad! (I found my way here via woyo site — and with multiple critters myself I couldn’t resist popping in.)

  6. Oh that’s such sad news. She was so beautiful! I hope her puppies will have her temperament.

  7. That is so sad. Hopefully whenever you look at your new puppy you will see her and smile though.

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