Puppies, holiday practice, sage

A few pictures from the breeder. The puppies are getting bigger.

Aren’t they hilarious? I am amazed at how excited I am about the new puppy.


Led class with VBG this morning. Small group; nice and warm (102). My hip flexors shockingly ache-full in urdhva dhanurasana. Like angry steel cables. I persevered.

Afterwards, chanting. Sanskrit Scholar led. I always feel bad, subjecting her to my tone-deafness, but she is gracious. It was challenging; I hate being the center of attention, so the getting called upon to chant solo was pretty scary. Again, persevered.

In the end, though, it was worth it: went out for a nice lunch with Sanskrit Scholar. Time to catch up after all her travels. She is a dear soul, and I’m grateful for her friendship. Stand out in the parking lot, after lunch, sun so hot you can smell the sage bushes surrounding the parking lot. Summer in the desert. Nice.


10 Responses

  1. Hi Karen
    Happy 4th of July. The puppies look like little piggies.

  2. Heehee.. so sweet. We accidentally had kittens once (took in a cat we’d been told had been spayed). Brought up 6 of the little critters from day one. Such fun.

  3. Cute little beans they are. Like a cross between a panda bear and a pinto bean.

    I hope one *does* choose you because otherwise you might have to take home several…

  4. LOL! Owl! Didn’t you say you weren’t particularly visually oriented? Your “cross between a panda bear and a pinto bean” is brilliant. This is only going to make me laugh at them more than I already do.

    Susananda, I’ve always been a cat person, so I am surprised at my love for these little dog babies. Kittens are astonishing creatures — hilarious in a totally different way than puppies. I particularly love when they fly at things with their arms and legs outstretched, like tiny super heroes.

    Arturo, yes, they look like little pigs. Supposedly pigs are quite intelligent and humorous. I would love to have one.

    And a goat. And some chimps. And some elephants. And coyotes.

  5. Oh stop! Kittens *are* little superheros! I am, sadly, big on lolcats as well. Maybe the visuals are exciting because they engage my cuddle reflex.

    I’m not too visual, it’s true, but did see Wanted as per your rec. Oh my. Also: it’s like the trashy comicbook (Harry Potter plus Fight Club) version of Rilke’s Apollo poem. Loved that.

  6. I love lolcats, too. What does that mean, if we love lolcats, Angelina with great tattoos and Fight Club?

    Is Ashtanga making us mixed-up people?

    Good post on Julian Walker’s site. You are my source for that blog, no? Linked to it once on your site?

  7. Hah, coincidentally, I also saw Wanted, which I figured I’d like, based on Bekmambetov’s _Night Watch/Day Watch_ soon-to-be-trilogy, which I was pointed to by, of all things, a trailer on a DVD (NW and DW are available on Netflix Instant Viewing).

    Indeed: some Fight Club, even down to self-actualization through terror.

    “The next meal that Raymond eats, will be the best he’s ever tasted.”

  8. And the fact that James McAvoy is the new Edward Norton. (I love Edward.)

    What is the relationship of lolcats to Angelina?

    A koan.

    Julian and I get in to it in the comments on his blog sometimes–last time when he posted the Sunset Blvd parody video. That’s where Gregor comes from as well. I know J a tiny bit and think he’s two parts insight one part talking out of his ass. Am pretty excited about his project.

  9. The puppies are adorable.

    DZM, where is VBG teaching now? Will he be there in August?

  10. I love EN, too. JM, meh.

    Suzie, His teaching is kind of catch as catch can at this point. Currently at the home of a student. Supposed to also be at a new studio opening in Phoenix, but opening has been delayed, so not sure if it’ll be up and running by August. He’ll be in town in August, as far as I know. The teaching location is still TBD. Will keep you apprised.

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