Killing things, but not for food

Killed two things in two days. A black widow last night, a tree today.

The spider was right at the bedroom door — where the dog exits at night for her evening constitutional. She’s too old; a bite would pose a real threat. So the spider had to go. I waited ’til dark, then hunted her down with insecticide. Didn’t feel good to kill her, but I couldn’t very well ask The Cop to relocate her. He’s great about taking crickets and lizards outside, but I think he’d draw the line at moving a black widow to another part of the yard.

Today, death sentence for the tree in the front yard. A tall scraggly bottlebrush. Chopped down by a contractor so we can replace with a mesquite tree. Mesquites are gorgeous.

And my last picture is of dinner. All raw (I love raw “cooking” — perfect for slacker cooks like me!): pesto on zucchini strands (with a sprinkle of quinoa sprouts), and a salad of mushrooms, avocado and kalamata olives. Mmmmm.


7 Responses

  1. Oh for donuts sake. We have the same plates (and no others).

    Fiestaware. Juniper, I believe.

  2. Ha! We have three juniper, and three or four dark blue ones. Unfortunately, my kitchen slacking even extends to plates and flatware (no full set of plates or glasses, a mix of different patterns of silverware, etc.). Boodi isn’t the only person who isn’t making the grade as a “grown-up.”

  3. Count me in on the uncomplete sets. I only have one breakfast bowl; it was embarrassing when my cousins visited.

  4. I’ve been meaning to sprout some quinoa but I’ve been too lazy to sprinkle the wet qunioa in a glass pan and cover it. I may be a lazier cook even than you are.

  5. Hi Karen
    That meal does not appear to be a slacker’s. Making the zuchini spirals requires using that spiraling machine and cleaning it afterwards. I think I used mine twice in 4 years. I much prefer my heavy duty food processor, although my food may look like baby food – all processed. Your meal appears simple, and that is good.

    (Since living in incrementally smaller apartments, I’ve given away or sold most of my complete sets of housewares, including those inherited.)

  6. mesquite is about my favorite tree. i am going to copy your salad, it’s got to be so yummy.

  7. Eor, yes, it’s a great salad combo. I love raw mushrooms. Kinda like eating things off the forest floor.

    Arturo, the spiralizer I got is VERY easy to clean. That’s usually the first thing I consider when I buy kitchen appliances — ’cause I am a slacker! LOL!

    And Carl, I got a little sprouting… um, not sure what to call it — a little sprouting tool. It’s a couple of levels with drainage on the bottom and a lid — so you put nuts or seeds in each level, then just run water through it every so often. Yes, I could do it with just a bowl/pan and a towel, but I’m too lazy to do that. I need a specialized tool. 😉

    Do check out the quinoa sprouts, though — they’re really tasty!

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