Coldplay, UD vid

My hip flexors! My hip flexors! Gah!

Seriously, they’re making me crazy. Super tight and bothersome ALL the time. Yes, this is the super-cranked feeling I get before an opening, so as with supta kurmasana collarbone pain and urdhva dhanurasana sacrum pain, this too will pass. But it’s kinda awful in the meantime. The hanumanasana/samakonasana West Coast plug-in seems to help, though it is a tortured kind of super-painful release. Both physically and emotionally. I can’t even articulate it, truth be told. Let’s just say it’s all about cranking on something so deep that astral travel is the only logical outcome.

Practice this morning was accompanied by the new Coldplay CD. The Cop presented it to me as a gift last night. Sweet. I love it.

I was particularly taken by this:

Those who are dead are not dead
they’re just living in my head

And since I fell for that spell
I am living there as well

Anyhow, that’s what I was listening to during urdhva dhanurasana.

This morning, reading Patrick’s blog, I ran across discussion about how far apart the hands need to be from the feet in order to stand up from UD. Being a fan of tools and incremental progress, I got a tape measure and some tape and marked where my hands and feet need to go in order for them to be 24 inches apart. (Yes, I intend to move the marks closer, closer, closer. These kinds of projects amuse me no end.)

I videoed one of my walk-ins. Showed The Cop, who was just getting home from the night shift, and who was happy to provide narration of the video. The version that’s posted has my set-up edited out: I lay there for a moment, thinking things over — so The Cop’s narration went like this:

She lies down…
She pulls her feet in close to her buttocks…
[NSFW commentary]
She turns on her iPod for motivation…
[NSFW commentary]
She’s thinking about it…
She doesn’t want to do it…
Oh! There she goes!
She’s up!
She’s walking her hands in!
She goes up on her toes…for some reason I don’t understand…

You get the idea. I was highly amused.

But the question does remain: going up on the toes during walking the hands in. It makes it easier, for sure. I imagine it is highly criminal, but I’m willing to let it go as a “training wheels” device. Does anyone else do it?


5 Responses

  1. no toes! that is my opinion. or at least just be careful lifting them because i think it destabilizes the lower back.

  2. In general I agree with Tova but in your case I kind of like it.

    If you do it, after you return to earth press the heels down super strongly and press your shins back back back back toward the wall behind you. Sternum up

    Good feet here. You’re doing great working from the ground up in both arms and legs.

  3. No tiptoes! It is just your body’s way of working around the chest. Instead of walking your hands in, try to straighten your legs. If there is space left over, then walk the hands. Otherwise, just keep pressing your feet into the floor and straightening your legs – it will cause your chest to have to open, rather than working around your chest.

  4. Yup, hip flexors are just about to surrender. Awesome!

  5. I would say, get your armpits out over your hands BEFORE you walk in, and you won’t have to come up on tiptoes. They are getting there eventually, which is great, but see where the shoulders are in relation to the hands before you walk in, as opposed to after? I would work that action first, and then walk in with out the toe thing.

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