Report out: gym, raw, books

The gym experiment (go to the gym at noon in order to GET AWAY from work thoughts/emotions) was interrupted on Wednesday and Thursday, because I attended an offsite strategy planning meeting. Will get back to the gym tomorrow.

The only catch, really, is that the gym is loud and busy. Not crowded-busy, but energy-busy and visually-busy. No doubt that was part of the design of the space, and the energy that people bring to the space also contributes.


Raw food diet goes along nicely. I have always been a slacker cook, so trust me, I’m not making all kinds of fancy raw meals. Salads, fruit, smoothies — those’ll do just fine. I did roll some avocado, carrots and cucumber in sheets of nori for “sushi.” That seemed kind of purposeful and civilized.

Current project involves sprouting quinoa. It’s a delicate job, since the grains are so small, and I live in the desert (where everything dries up at a frightening rate).

And here’s a question: I’ve been tracking my intake using the CRON-o-meter. A very handy tool. What I’m seeing, though, is that if I eat a big serving of kale, I am off the charts on vitamin A. Seriously off the charts. Is this something to even be concerned about?

As far as effects of the diet: I was surprised to have detox effects, because my diet wasn’t bad to begin with, but there you have it. A really bad headache a couple of days in, and then a few days of intermittent headaches. They’re gone now, though.

On the up side, it is amazing how different my body feels. I don’t quite know how to describe it, except to say that there is a dramatic reduction of inflammation in my system. How this “feels” goes like this: when I wake in the morning, there are no… well, no stiff or “lost” areas. Hmmmm. This is hard to explain. Usually there are spots that feel “fuzzy” or “puffy” — kind of like they’re giving off a physical static — I’m thinking of my knees, my finger joints, and often my shoulders. I actually don’t know that I would have noticed that the fuzziness/inflammation was there, truth be told. I only know now because I’ve noticed it missing. The other spot is the abdominal cavity. You know how some days the abdominal cavity feels clear and responsive and raring to go during practice? And other days it’s kind of puffy and sluggish? Yeah, it’s straight to clear and responsive each day. Likewise my mind.


Books: The Granularity of Growth and Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man.

Diametrically opposed? I think not.

But maybe that’s the raw food and yoga practice talking.


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  1. I’ve experimented with the rawfood diet off and on for about four years now…and, your description of the side-effects are dead on. I can definitely attest to the fact when eating raw inflammation drastically reduces and disappears…even though I have always been a fairly healthy eater. Its pretty amazing. I have felt stronger, and more in tune in my body when eating raw as well…which makes a big difference practicing Ashtanga yoga.

    I enjoy hearing your perspective. Good luck and best wishes.

  2. Laruga, as I told Donuts, I am a little less raw these days because for some reason the combination of a dissertation and the hilarious armbalances you and I do has asked for some whole grain in my life.

    The main thing I notice, other than the fact that whole grains make me more able to write for hours at a stretch, is that putting bread and rice back in my diet makes my G-I tract (abdominal cavity) feel SO DIFFERENT. And not in a good way.

    I am wary of writing a super long comment, so will close with saying that my experience is I can never eat too much kale (if I start with the exclamations about kale I may never stop) and that it is exciting to see the G.K. getting a mention both here and in an EZ Board thread this week. Uh oh… 🙂

  3. I admire all of you who consume a raw dood diet, as I could not do it myself.

    Karen, is Dave still treaching at the same place? I got an email from him inviting me to a workshop this month. I wish I could go, but I’m coming out in Ausgust and will plan my trip to innclude a couple of practices with him.

  4. Hi Karen
    (And hi (0v0), hi Laruga) Weeil. I may be talking too much. But here is an opinion. I wouldn’t worry about the vitamin A count of the amount of kale you’re consuming. At least you’re not getting it from a pill, but naturally. It’s when people over supplement with pills that there can be danger to the body.

    I think pretty soon you may start reporting on the quickness of gastric emptying, because it does happen on a primarily raw diet.

    One caveat about some things you may be doing. Smoothies – even those containing healthy things such as blueberries – can contribute to a spike in glucose, because whirling it is predigesting it. When you eat the fruit alone, the glucose doesn’t spike as much. The same goes for vegetable juices in general. The action of breaking down the fibers is basically predigesting it for the system, so it causes some metabolic inbalance with respect to the glucose. Now, I may get a book thrown at me by juicing enthusiasts, but that is what scientists have told me. You can do a primarily raw diet without juicing.

    I’m repeating myself, but Kino had an influence on my eating style for yoga, because she’s a nutrition PhD candidate. However, even she has changed her perspective. 5 years ago she was following a raw vegetarian diet. These days she is consuming a cooked vegetarian and ocassional raw vegetarian diet. Nutrition science is complex, and we’re always tweaking things to help ourselves.


  5. I do wonder if transitioning from 2S to 3S creates different nutritional and caloric needs that are difficult to satisfy on a raw diet without consuming too much fat or sugar (dried fruit). But already as I assimilate the new practice I’m getting so my protein and caloric needs are decreasing again. Which feels nice… having a superfast metabolism is a rush and something many people go through at different phases in this practice, but it can get a little zany.

  6. I just finished a kale salad. I could not resist. 😉

    Suzie — he’s just back from India and will be teaching at his home. I intend to go next weekend, so will post about the workshop. It’ll be nice to see you in August!

    (And your typo about a “raw dood diet” is sure to amuse my husband.)

    I have no idea about 2S vs 3S nutrition — happy you guys are doing the research. Let me know what you find!

  7. Gack! In looking over my post, it was full of typos! I pride myself in using correct English in posting–did not work today obviously. Raw dood diet is hilarious. I hope the Cop has a belly laugh on me.

    Can’t wait to see you, Dave, Barbara, Cheryl, et al., in August. It will be insanely hot, but we will cope.


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