Inflammation, Candice, punching

Thinking more about the feeling of the raw food diet — specifically, about the lack of inflammation in my body. It’s interesting, because it feels very naked — there is a kind of psychological “padding” in inflammation — a kind of softening. This is particularly apparent in the GI tract — the internal “pillowyness” softens every experience. Interestingly, it can co-exist with rock hard abs. Which is kind of weird.

Without the inflammation, without the puffiness, everything feels exposed: muscles, bones, and perhaps most especially (and potentially disorientingly) nerves.


Candice the massage therapist could kill a man with her heavy, pointy thumbs. If she can figure out how to deploy them, she could win MMA titles.

This is what I was thinking at noontime, as she discovered and methodically dismantled the scar tissue in my left shoulder — souvenir of an unexpected fall while climbing (and no, I didn’t hit the ground or anything — I just caught my whole falling body weight with an outstretched left hand).

As she was bidding me goodbye, she patted my left shoulder gently. “You’ve got something going on there…” Uh, yeah, I know. I was there, trying to breathe through the pain of your relentless thumbs!

This afternoon, as The Cop and I drove over to a local nursery to check out some mesquite trees for the yard, I told him about my massage. The blinding pain of Candice’s ministrations.

“I’d punch her in the head,” he said.
I looked over, disapprovingly.
“It’d be involuntary.”

Note to self: Do not get massage gift certificates for The Cop.


8 Responses

  1. Yes, yes, yes…I couldn’t agree with you more regarding your further description of inflammation in other areas. I have felt even a ‘nakedness’ on a subtle level that can be a bit unsettling at first…at least for me it was. Its a whole new way of being, which can take some getting used to emotionally, physically, and mentally.

    Thank you again for your thoughts…

  2. DZM, do you cook separate stuff for The Cop? BF would absolutely loose his mind if I decided to eat the way I really really should. I would be cooking two meals every night. It’s too overwhelming to think about!

  3. Yup, separate stuff for The Cop. He doesn’t care for fancy meals, so that makes it easy. He’s a chicken or pasta and salad guy, for the most part — so I have some of the salad, plus whatever I want for myself.

  4. Maybe join a support group for massage therapy survivors?

  5. I agree again with Laruga. Oneshot and I have talked about this too– moving through the emotions that come with being empty but not actually hungry. It can bring up a lot of discomfort, maybe especially for Americans or westerners. Big topic, and super interesting…

  6. Hi Karen
    Is the emptyness coming from rapid food transit? I think that is what tends to happen on a raw food diet. Excuse me while I visit the bathroom.

  7. Hi Arturo — No, the emptiness is more a lack of the feeling of puffiness of the GI tract that one can get from eating grains (at least that’s what I’m attributing the lack of puffiness to…)

  8. How do you do this w/out starving. I usually am so hungry any time I try to go raw, that I cannot see straight.


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