Stress (or salmonella) => solution

Feeling better, though still kinda spaced out from the headache. That’s usual for me, though, after migraines.

Work stress or salmonella? Detox from raw foods? Well, whatever caused my illness, I have a solution. ๐Ÿ™‚ You know how Bush is the Decider? I am the Solver.

If salmonella, it’s going to run its course. If detox, it’s gonna run its course.

But what about work stress?

Honestly, I have been super-stressed at work, and with the recent resignation of one designer and the impending maternity leave of the lead of that team, my job is only going to get more crazy, at least until October or so.

I hate getting sucked up into the work day, hate finding myself all worked up about silly details, etc. Must find a way to rise above. To keep my perspective. I always joke with my team about how the daily yoga practice can get me through ’til about noon, but then all bets are off. It was just a joke for a while there, but actually seems to be *true* at this point. My afternoons have been super stressful and I’ve been unable to RISE ABOVE.

The weird thing, of course, is that I can actually be more useful to the organization if I keep the higher level. There are plenty of people already working all the details.

Okay, so combine these ongoing thoughts with my morning reading in Brain Rules, which is a delightful book about how the brain works.

One of the things the author discusses is how much better the brain works when one exercises routinely. As in, every day. Our ancestors walked all over the place — as do my contemporaries who live in walking cities. I always loved walking around Boston and New York when I lived there. But now I am in Scottsdale, where people drive. There are few sidewalks. Things are far apart. Oh, and it’s going to be summer soon.

For me to walk around outside my office would entail treks on highways in 110 degree weather. I’m gonna take a pass on that.

But I *can* make a point of going to the gym and taking a walk every day. And I can wipe every freaking thing off of my lunch-hour calendar in order to do that. Because, you see, people have noticed that I am around at noontime, and I have been dumb enough to schedule meetings during that time. No more!

I am cranky and unhappy at work, and it’s pretty clear I need to have a break at noon. I already know I don’t mind missing eating, so am susceptible to working instead of lunch. But I also know that if I have a leave-the-building-to-stop-by-the-gym-and-jump-on-the-treadmill habit, *nothing* will get to me give up that break.

So be it. It will be meditation-and-put-work-in-perspective time.

I’ve printed out day passes for two gyms that are close to work, and will go check them out. Ideally, I can find a place that isn’t jam packed from 12-1. (Ha. As if.)

I am curious to see how this impacts practice. I am determined not to go “self-competitive” in these sessions (that’s gonna be a challenge). The idea is to spend 30 minutes just moving easily and resetting my mind and emotions to zero. Essentially, a gently physical way to help my mind/nervous system. *Not* a workout.

If I sound a little nervous about this, it’s because of my prior gym addiction. I don’t think I am still susceptible, but am not entirely sure. Is gym addiction like substance abuse, where you are always recovering? We’ll see.

If I start logging data about gym time, please drop me a comment and tell me to knock it off. ๐Ÿ™‚


3 Responses

  1. In the past few weeks, when the stress at work got the best of me, I’d go to the gym and ran at a very moderate pace for 20 mins on the treadmill. It was great, although I felt it the next day in practice. But the benefits in terms of stress reduction were worth it.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better!

  2. Yeah, I’m going to actually WALK on the treadmill. Slowly. So slowly that the gym rats will be derisive and wonder why I even bother.

    I’m hoping that breaking the day up into two 4-5 hour chunks will mean I can’t get as insane as if I just power through the whole day…

  3. Hi! The walking sounds like a good idea. Just getting out of the office at lunchtime is bound to help, I am sure. I know about the “yoga lasts till noon, then all bets are off” thing too.

    I’ve just been catching up on your blog. I love the yoga posts, but it’s also interesting how I’m reading about all sorts of other things like trade unions and how organisations work, simply because you practice yoga! I like it.

    And.. I have tagged you for a meme ๐Ÿ™‚

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