5 minutes of raw food

At the office and in between meetings.

What’s new? On Saturday I had a brainstorm and decided it’d be fun to try a raw food diet. Which I know exactly nothing about. Well, I knew exactly nothing about. Since Sunday, I’ve been reading this book. So I know I little bit more.

Ani Phyo also has a website that’s pretty interesting.

Some things I know from (limited — Saturday –> today, Thursday) experience:
– Raw food is really tasty
– I don’t get very hungry at all when I’m eating raw food
– There’s a whole subculture of raw foodism
– The only non-raw thing I miss is soy milk
– It’s nice to “cook” by preparing raw nuts, fruits and vegetables — very aesthetically pleasing
– Yoga practice feels strong and light
– No blood sugar ups and downs during the day
– Actually feel kind of hyper-energized, though perhaps I am hallucinating
– The Cop and I have pizza every Friday night, and I’m not going to stop that

Otherwise, everything else is still in the initial experimentation stage.


6 Responses

  1. Mwah ha ha! You’ll get the Cop to try it and he’ll convert just like you did and then you’ll start making RAW, CHEESE-FREE PIZZAS on Friday nights. It all begins with a handful of appetizingly arranged, uncooked nuts.

  2. Hi Karen
    I’m mostly a raw foodist, well like 80 to 90%

  3. LOL! That is hilarious, Carl. The Cop, as I’m sure you’ll not be surprised to hear, is refusing to try *any* of it. That said, he’s quite happy to let me go about my business, which is actually saying a lot. I know many partners get all wigged out when one of them tries something new. The Cop is always supportive, even if he rolls his eyes a bit. 🙂

    Hi Arturo. Yes, I imagined you probably ate mostly raw food. I quite like the preparation of raw food — much more pleasant than cooking.

  4. I made one of her recipes from Food and Wine (orange-date-nut-bars) and it was fabulous!

  5. Some suggestions:

    Hemp seeds on salads
    Dried coconut in trailmixes
    Sprouted quinoa (really)
    Hemp protein if you start to feel depleted
    Brewer’s yeast (protein and vitamin B)
    Organic pumpkin (from a can, even) with cinnamon and nuts as an alternative to oatmeal

    I love raw, but it’s so high maintenance and so expensive. Still, there is much about it that is beneficial.

    But the raw food subculture is creepy. Makes ashtangis look so mainstream and lacadaisical.

    Have fun!

  6. Raw foodism rocks! If you are going to combine it with Yoga that will become perfecct! Check my blog.. Raw Food, Wellness, Health and Yoga… whyraw.wordpress.com

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