Moon Day Dreams

New post on Matthew Sweeney’s site — about dreams.

The night before last, I dreamt (for the very first time) that I could see my feet in a backbend. It was so exciting! Still makes me happy just to think of it. I could easily reach out and touch my feet. The light in the dream was very bright, and the colors supersaturated. I guess I’m accustomed to my most common dream asana (durvasana), which I’ve dreamt about doing since before I even started to practice yoga. It still pleases me, but is not nearly as exciting as the chakra bandhasana dream.

MS talks about dreams of dying and of flying. I’ve always just assumed everyone flew around in their dreams, and that they often got killed. Recently, though, when I said something about getting shot to death in a dream, I was surprised at how shocked and horrified people seemed at the notion.


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  1. I love asana dreams. The best Pasasana I’ve ever done was dreamt, and I’ve also done some third and even fourth series poses 😀

  2. i frequently have yoga dreams where i am trying to practice in foreign places and i can’t get my body to co-operate.
    i don’t think i have ever died in a dream, but i fly a lot. like i have wings, but also in airplanes. the airplanes in my dreams always crash, but no one gets hurt. now that is weird, huh?

  3. I get asana dreams, they are great, when I eventually managed to do backbend for real for the first time I was amazed it was like I had dreamt.

  4. That I know of, I’ve never flown in my dreams. I often dream of situations wherein I’m in danger of being hurt but I never get hurt.

    Also, I remember reading somewhere that we don’t dream in color or in sound. It was absurd to read that because I dream both in color and with sound and I think I even smell scents when I dream.

  5. i have dreamt about binding my feet in kapotasana. i assume that i must have it in me if i can dream about it. but then, you all are dreaing about flying, so maybe not.

  6. Hi Karen
    That is a nice dream. I would hope to reach that level of flexibility in a backwards arch as well. Last night I dreamt of Xmas at home in PR with my two sisters. One of them is going through a rough patch and I was trying to help her.

    Your gun toting dreams could be related to your mind processing The Cop’s daily experiences. Spouses of people in his line of work possibly have to process mentally the possibility that their spouses could be violently attacked at any moment in the course of their work. That is just my opinion.

    There have been times in my life that I fly a lot in my dreams. In dream analysis psychologist, that relates to times when you don’t feel settled. Sometimes my flying takes the shape of swimming, as if I were swimming through the air. I don’t crash in those dreams.

    I haven’t had asana dreams recently and can’t remember conquering in a dream the particularly difficult asanas. But maybe I will. Maybe that is part of the path to actually achieving the poses.

    I liked your earlier discussion on how you worked through your practice, even though you thought you would interrupt it when you met challenges.


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