Getting there…

Still weird in the arms, but…

End of March

End of May


7 Responses

  1. wow! it is really coming along!

  2. I can suggest using strap for your arms. Marci (as Rolf and Marci) would make us use strap for us to get use to not dislocating our shoulders in back bends. You have the strap as wide as your collar bone and put right above your elbows before going up to back bend and press the inside of your hands and feet to the ground. but maybe you are already working with it, I see a strap in the photo 😉
    have fun. it looks much better than march.

  3. Yes, Ahu! The strap has been VERY helpful. I practiced with a woman who practices with Rolf and Marci, and with Hamish, and if I remember correctly, she said all of them were big on the strapped arms in UD.

    (Vanessa, do correct me if I am misrepresenting Hamish’s teaching re: straps/props.)

  4. A strap, you say? I haven’t tried that yet but I think might give it go tomorrow.

  5. Yes! A strap! Just as Ahu described. You’ll love it (I know you share my primate delight in the use of tools to maximize efficiency) 🙂

  6. Hi Karen
    You definitely look way more uplifted there. A strap. I have two. Maybe I’ll use one tomorrow during UD. But I wonder if it would make it difficult to come to standing if you had a strap on.

  7. I’ve never seen Hamish tell anyone to use a strap, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t! Just not when I’m around 😀

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