Behance, perchance

Found some great notebook/sticky note/note pad products from Behance Outfitter. Geeky and designy. What more could I ask for?

They have an “Action Method” — 1) identify and document action steps, 2) document backburner items, and 3) document reference materials.

Very simple, yet few people seem to do it automatically. Action steps: what comes next, specifically — ought to start with a verb (e.g., “schedule meeting,” “draft proposal,” “send out status report”).

Documenting backburner items is a good way to prioritize: list action steps for in-progress projects and document less-pressing ideas as backburners. That way, they won’t be forgotten, but they also won’t gum up the projects that need to be attended to right now.

And then note all reference items: supporting info/articles/etc.

Simple. Low tech.



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