Sunday practice

Lovely Sunday practice, with a weird little undertone from the upcoming conference presentation. When I have something scary coming up (yes, public speaking certainly fits into the “scary” category), I tend to have all of my thoughts stop at the event — kind of like the future doesn’t exist past that scary conference session on Tuesday. Fine.

Practice was clear and happy. I can do an abbreviated practice tomorrow morning, in order to get to the airport on time. And then Tuesday is a moon day, so no practice ahead of the session. Kind of a mixed blessing. The practice grounds me, but the super-distracted feeling of a pre-scary-event practice can be kind of exhausting.

Anyhow, this morning was lovely. Easy to concentrate, easy to let go of everything. There is always something, though, isn’t there? Who knows what will replace the conference session once the conference session is over…

Towards the end of practice, I had the sweetest sense of the purpose of practice. These insights, it must be noted, are definitely helped along by an easy, light backbending experience. Anyhow, it struck me that practice has helped me learn to manage my own frustration, impatience and greed. It has helped me learn to manage my “God, you suck at this” inner monolog — even as it gave me plenty of things to suck at. And it’s taught me to appreciate incremental progress, but to also be ready to accept if progress is gone the very next day.

Practice every day. All is coming. Indeed.


One Response

  1. Safe travels this week. I know the presentation will be, from the viewer’s perspective, totally no-BS, smooth, clear, and charming in that it’ll have some undefinable character that is not quite like the others.

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