Likely another busy day with no time for posting. Instead, a few climbing pictures.

Below is a picture of Neptune, a 5.10a climb in a notch canyon called Atlantis, located just outside of Superior.

The approach to the canyon is, um, interesting. The canyon is just off the highway, so people have thrown (sigh) all kinds of trash in there. Someone wrote on

Scramble down and slightly right past orange paint, trash and an old car. Watch out for broken glass! Scramble is worth it.

This is by far the ugliest approach to a climb that I’ve ever seen. Usually it’s an hour or two of beautiful hiking to a climb. In this case, though, it’s a short, totally trashed walk. But once you get deeper into the canyon, where people who throw things out of car windows are to lazy to go, you are treated to a beautiful canyon.

A bunch of sport routes in there, including one of my all-time favorites: Neptune.

Here’s me on Neptune. Such a great climb: pockets, underclings, roofs (you can see the roof just above my head, which I miraculously managed despite the fact that it involved grabbing a handhold behind me that I couldn’t actually see). There is nothing better than a dihedral in my book. I was never at all mathematical, but give me a bunch of planes in space and I’m a happy person.


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